Here I sit on Sunday morning, trying to actually WRITE for a change. Trying to fulfill my inner desire to put my thoughts down on paper the old-fashioned way. I actually bought a notebook last night in order to write rather than type. Hal has just left for work, and will be gone all day, so i will have time to myself. Apparently, Stevie Nicks isn’t interested in any of this and has made her feelings known.

Perhaps Stevie Nicks also has something to say that is more important than whatever i was thinking about. Her mind must be full of ideas, maybe she wanted me to take dictation for her? Sadly, the language barrier was too great to overcome.

And so, I resort to using the tablet once again. Stevie Nicks has followed me to the couch and has curled up in my lap for a nice time of getting attention as I type. Actually,  I really don’t mind this too much. In the grand scheme of things, love is much more important.