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Dreamer’s world January 6 2016 – The Human Touch


     Today is cold. I am waiting on the bus to take me back to my home/office after the first weekly meeting with the client for 2016. The meeting was more of a formality than anything else since everyone was more interested in holiday events than in actual work. It is just a way that people have of gradually easing themselves back into the normal routine after taking time off work.
     As I wait on the bus I cannot help but wonder where everyone else is going or what is occupying their minds as we huddle together for warmth against the cold. Sadly, there is no conversation amongst us, I suppose that is mainly due to everyone being strangers to each other, although there are pockets of people traveling together who whisper in order to keep their exchanges secret from the rest of us. Another factor is the social disconnect that we all seem to suffer from. Communication with people we don't know is rapidly becoming a lost art. We feel that those who try to interject themselves into our own private space must have some ulterior motive, and we generally accept that those motives must be no good.
     And so we wait for the bus. When it arrives, we board in an orderly manner, without conversation and take our seats. I can almost see the walls instantly going up, especially from those who are forced to share their seat with a stranger. I am able to pass the time admiring a young girl seated directly in front of me with her mother. The ice is broken and we connect on the most basic level for a few minutes. Others seated nearby watch us with curiosity but are unwilling to join in. I enjoy the humanity of the moment as my stop gets closer and closer. I have no idea if the mother and child will exit the bus before I do, or whether I will be leaving them.
     The innocent conversation helps the time to pass more quickly. I note that there are other tentative conversations starting to take place on the bus now. The ice is melting around us. We begin to sense our common humanity at last. The mood on the bus lightens considerably and it only takes an instant and a few kind words from one person to another.


Dreamer’s World January 5 2016 – The Police – Message In A Bottle

I write for the most basic of reasons. I want to share my experiences with others. It is a strange affliction that some of us suffer from. It comes from a variety of causes.
I think that one of the earliest memories I have is of my Dad fiddling with his old HAM radio. He talked to people all over the world, he kept notes on who he spoke to and I know that he had many friends that he never met. That didn’t lessen his enthusiasm for the task. He kept at it until he was too ill to continue.
I wasn’t interested at the time to continue his hobby. I didn’t want to go through all of the hassle to get a new HAM radio license, and the set eventually was sold to someone after Dad died. Perhaps it was one of his friends from the radio, I honestly don’t know.
As I grew up, I became enchanted with the idea of traveling and meeting people from all over the world. I went away to college (University of Kentucky) and graduated in 1987. I had my first real taste of life outside of the small town where I grew up and I wanted more. Financially, I wasn’t able to do much more than to join the Navy. I did so, and I saw parts of the world that the people I grew up with could only dream about. I enjoyed every place that I went to or was stationed for the 10 years that I served in the Navy.
When my Mom’s health deteriorated, I left the Navy because I was due to be stationed overseas and I knew that she wouldn’t last for that 3 year stint. Sadly, I was right. She passed away a few days short of her 76th birthday in early February 2001. By that time I had come to terms with my life and who I was. I had nearly married twice, but neither worked out. I was very lucky that things fell apart prior to the weddings because that would have made things really messy as anyone who has gone through a divorce can attest to.
I met Hal (person) in early 2000. Soon I realized that this was the person I was meant to be with. I had no fear of my choice and now almost 16 years to the day later, we are still together. Life has been good to both of us since that day. We are happy and content with our life together. I think that for too many people, they forget to be happy as they make their way through life.
Anyway, I began blogging and I have met people from all over the world who want nothing more than to share experiences and stories just like my Dad did back in the day with his old HAM radio. Whenever I think back I remember one of my favorite songs and it makes me smile. I hope you enjoy it.

Dreamer’s World January 5 2016 – Why I Chose This Tagline


This is the second entry for my Blogging 101 course offered by WordPress. It asks me to edit my tagline, but it also gives me the option to keep it as is with some explanation as to why I chose it. Obviously, I am going with the second option.
     I thought long and hard about what to call my blog. Dreamer is a nickname that I picked up years ago, so that seemed natural for me. The image that I place at the top is also sort of self-explanatory. I got this calendar a few years ago and it has been with me ever since. It has its quirks, the blocks aren’t always shaped exactly right, but that gives it a sort of charm that I like. The calendar also gives me a sense of stability. While the temptation is there to not write for a few days and then just alter the dates on the calendar to make up for that, I just don’t think that is the right thing to do. I chose the calendar because it represents time, and as my hero The Doctor would say, it can get all “Timey-Wimey” if you aren’t careful.

Dreamer’s World January 4 2016 – Back To Work And The Normal Routine

The first week of 2016 is here and I am back at work this morning. Part of me wishes that I was on vacation because I know that at some point today the floodgates will break loose, and all of the Type A personalities will lose their minds because they took time off for the holidays. I am steeling myself against that eventuality as I begin my own day here.
     I am feeling great this morning, although I did not sleep as well as I would have hoped for. Perhaps this is due to the exercise I got yesterday on the mountain bike plus all the walking that I did, I plan to continue to exercise as much as possible from now on although the mountain bike will probably remain a weekend-only event until the daylight lasts longer in the evening after work.
     So far, the morning has been quiet. The avalanche that I fear will probably begin soon when people show up to work on the West Coast around 1200 my time/0900 Pacific time. I will plan my lunch and measure my BG in the next 30 minutes or so as I prepare myself for the daily meeting and for the afternoon meetings that will follow. The meeting was uneventful and I am waiting to see if any last-minute meetings pop up on my calendar this afternoon. I am hoping that there won’t be any.
     On a personal note, I have done some walking throughout the morning as I take breaks from work and I am almost at 4,000 steps towards my 12,000 goal for the day. I should have no trouble getting there since I will have more time after work. A bike ride is out of the question, it is just too cold today and it will be dark by the time I finish work anyway.
     I just walked through the apartment to check on things and found Hal (cat) in this wonderful position

Hal (cat) was on top of a table that is filled with plants. I almost didn’t see him, but when I did, I just knew that this picture had to be taken. Sadly, right after I finished he saw the reflection from my iPhone screen on the opposite wall so he jumped down and tried to catch the moving light. Hopefully he will go back to this little spot later.
     I just spoke to Hal (person) about plans for the evening and we seem to be all set to stay here. I won’t rule out ordering dinner for delivery, but there is not a real reason that we need to go out tonight. Chinese food sounds good, so I’ll check Eat24 later today.
     The afternoon has been remarkably quiet, and I am grateful for that. It is nearly time for my 1-1 meeting with my team lead, but that always goes well. After that I will wrap things up and start preparing for tomorrow at work. At least I don’t have to get out in the cold to drive home after I am finished at work. Working from home does have its advantages. Staying home this evening will be no big sacrifice for me. I hope to get a great night of sleep as well.
     I did sign up for the Blogging 101 course offered through WordPress and I completed my assignment. I hope to get some feedback on my writing. This is not the post that I submitted, but I did invite the other participants to view my blog if they are interested in doing so.
I am finished with work for the day. I just took another walk and am at 10,000 steps towards my goal of 12,000 for the day. One more good session later on should get me past the goal.

Dreamer’s World January 4 2016 – Blogging 101 Assignment #1


Welcome to Dreamer’s World. I write because I love to, I wish that I could say that there is some grandiose scheme behind this, but there is not. I recently decided to take part in the Blogging 101 course offered through WordPress in order to improve my writing skills and to make my site more interesting. I will attempt to write two blog entries per day, one for this course and another for my regular entry. I will try to remember to put the “blogging101” tag on my regular entry as well so others can find it more easily in the beginning. In time, I am sure that I will meld the regular blog post and the assignment together.

     I decided to begin this blog a few years ago. It began with the best of intentions but it also suffered from the start-and-stop motivation that so many of us are familiar with when we try to write. I had much better success with a personal journal in years past, but I had made the decision to move into the digital realm after a lot of inner thought.
     My initial resistance to writing a blog publicly was my privacy. Reading back through my old journals, I quickly realized that I had to maintain much more discipline if I were to write online for the world to see. I believe that there is a firm line between personal and private life and I will not try to erase that line. Sadly, I have known bloggers who were unable to keep that separation and most of them have stopped writing publicly, or at least changed their blog names and stayed relatively quiet online. I don’t want that to happen to me. My goal is to write but not to destroy my own privacy, or that of others in the process.
     When it comes to the subject of my blog, it remains mostly a generic writing exercise that covers events in my life that I am comfortable sharing with others. I suppose that I have dreams of a widely-read blog that hammers away at issues that affect all of us, but I haven’t reached that stage of writing and confidence yet.
     One of the main obstacles I have always faced with writing in general is the eternal conflict between how I write and the “business writing” that plagues society today. I believe that language is a wonderful tool that should be used as much as possible. In my job, I am forced to constrain myself to the “Me Tarzan, You Jane” style of writing and I despise it. My blog exists so I can write as I wish, without limitations.
     The people that I want to connect to are those who write for a wide variety of reasons. I admire those who can churn out tremendously impactful blogs on a daily basis the focus on specific subjects. Politics is one area that I am passionate about. If my blog is to continue to grow, I want it to be enjoyable to read. I would like it to become a voice for more causes that I care about and I would like it to become an even more important part of my life.

Dreamer’s World January 2 2016 – Let’s Get Moving

The weekend has a arrived, along with some much colder weather. This will probably impact my decision to ride the mountain bike today, but I will make up for it by working hard on my step goal for today. With some dedicated time, I can get to at least 15,000 steps for today as I work to improve my overall health.
     Hal (person) gave me a FitBit Charge HR as a Xmas gift, and that really inspired me to get moving. I was motivated to get the mountain bike as a result.
     As of 1100 this morning, I passed 3,000 steps so I am well on my way to my daily goal. I find that just getting up and walking with my headphones on really helps me out. I lose myself in the music and am breaking the habit of constantly checking my step total. In time, I will just be walking/biking and the numbers will just ramp up without thinking about them.
     Another helpful thing I noticed is that when I return from a walk I am more interested in writing about that so I blog to clear my mind. Right now I am just walking the apartment building so there is nothing to take a picture of that is important, but as the weather warms up I will be outside more and I am sure that I will be taking more pictures of my adventures.
     Glad to report that as of 1300, I have surpassed 6,000 steps and am feeling great! Today the 10,000 steps will be a breeze. Hal (person) is still at work, although he should be home in about 2 hours. I will see if he wants to do anything once he gets here, but I suspect that he will be tired and will just want to rest. That is fine with me. I can always use the time to get some more walking in. There is really nothing that I need to do this afternoon/evening that cannot wait until tomorrow anyway.
     While I have been writing about getting up and moving around, The Stooges have taken quite the opposite approach to the day
Spartacus has found a spot in the sun and is getting some rest. Spartacus usually likes to lay in the sun and will probably be there until the light no longer is coming through the window.
Hal (cat) also enjoys the warmth of the sun, but he prefers to get right into the window to enjoy it more fully.
Stevie Nicks usually prefers somewhere a bit darker. She is busy inspecting things right now in-between naps of her own.
As for myself, these cats are gibing me ideas. I really need to focus on getting some more walking in this afternoon so that if Hal (person) and I do go out that any steps will be pure bonus for me.
     It turned out that we did go out after Hal (person) came home from work. He needed to go back to IKEA, and afterwards we went to the Apple Store (didn’t buy anything) and had dinner at Potbelly Sandwiches before we came back home. Luckily, we missed the worst of the traffic coming home.
     I blew past my 10,000 step goal for today. Tomorrow is another opportunity for me to set a new standard. Hal (person) has gone to bed, and I don’t expect to be up much later myself. It is nearly 2200 and I am sure that I will be in bed before midnight.
     That concludes today’s installment. I hope that everyone has had a great Saturday and will have an even better day Sunday.

Dreamer’s World January 1 2016 -A New Beginning

2016 has finally arrived. Honestly, I didn’t celebrate much last night. A New Year’s kiss with Hal (person) and some attention to the Stooges and then I was in bed before 0030. We watched some of the “ him Man” movies on TCM during the evening to pass the time and we both like old movies. I slept very well and just finished a 2.5 mile walk this morning. As I wait for Hal (person) to get ready to roll out for the afternoon, Stevie Nicks is sleeping peacefully on my lap. I hope that 2016 will be a peaceful and happy year for everyone, and that we finally realize that we have too much in common to waste time on our differences.
We spent our afternoon at IKEA to get ideas on improving the apartment and we will probably be replacing an old bed with a daybed from IKEA in the near future in order to have a bit more room where the computers are. Nothing that will happen immediately, but something to think about.
Due to the improvised schedule, I didn’t get the chance for the bike ride today. I will do that tomorrow. I plan to start out with a short ride in order to avoid any problems with my BG running on the low side while I am out. It is best to be cautious in the beginning since I don’t want to be stranded and in need of help.
I am maintaining my step totals at over 10,000 per day. I want to keep this level for at least a week before really attempting to stretch myself towards a higher goal. I can feel the difference and I am sleeping much better as a result.
The weekend awaits. Hal (person) has to work tomorrow, so I will have the time to get my bike ride in and do what needs to be done around the apartment before he gets back home. As you can tell, life isn’t terribly exciting here, but it is comfortable and we are very happy. 2016 is off to a good start.