Dreamer’s World February 15 2016 – A Snowy Day Off



Today is a holiday so I am spending it at home with Hal (person) and The Stooges. It is always a good idea to not plan things out for these Monday holidays because it takes away the freedom of choice and serendipity and puts you on a schedule. I thought that a holiday was all about NOT having to conform to a schedule for a change.
     It looks like we will get more snow than was predicted. Estimates now call for 3-6” of the white shit before it turns to rain tonight. I am sure this will make tomorrow morning’s rush hour a disaster for those who have to commute. Luckily, I work from home and will miss out on all that fun. By tomorrow, the temperature should be in the 50s and hopefully between that and the rain it will melt all of the snow.
     Any plans for going out today have been effectively squashed. There is nothing that we need to do so badly that we would risk being on the roads with the lunatic drivers around here. The main road outside the apartment complex is almost deserted right now to prove a point, even though there have been multiple snow plows out and about this morning.
     I will write more throughout the day, but the morning post is done for now.

Dreamer’s World February 8 2016 – More Winter


     Since the winter storm in late January, we have had some really decent weather around here. Almost all of the snow has melted away, what remains are the piles that were plowed during the storm. Now it looks like we are about to get another round of winter weather. The emergency notification app on my iPhone went off at lunchtime advising me that a Winter Weather Advisory scheduled to go into effect at midnight had been canceled and replaced with a WINTER STORM WARNING along with the forecast of 4”-8” of snow beginning tonight around midnight and lasting through tomorrow evening. At the very least, Hal (person) and I will be going to Harris Teeter right after I finish work today to get the things that we need for meals. This isn’t a panic trip, we were going to go anyway but we will probably get a few more items than we had planned to due to the change in the forecast.
     An old saying in the DC area is that if we can get past President’s Day weekend, we have seen the worst of winter. It seems that every year around President’s Day weekend, we end up with some big storm so I suppose there is some validity to the old saying after all. It does make us all wish that Spring would hurry up and arrive so we can be through with the mess for another year.

Dreamer’s World January 26 2015


There are days when writing seems to be a breeze. then there are days like this one. It seems like nothing is firing my imagination this day. I hope that something pops into my mind soon.

    The federal government is closed again today. This means that my day will be on the quiet side once again.

    One possibility for writing is my desire to improve the blog. I am looking through some ideas and might try them out by this weekend. I would love to create the menu at the top of the blog where I can list tags and have the appropriate posts appear under each page. I have been reading and watching some videos about that. It may require a change to the theme that I use, but themes are rather temporary when you think about them anyway.  I will see about making those changes when I am comfortable with what I am doing.
     At least the weather is warmer again today as the snow continues to slowly melt. When we walked across the street for dinner last night, it was an adventure because most of the sidewalks were not really cleaned off and we had to walk in the street in order to avoid the ankle-deep slush. Supposedly, residences and businesses should be FINED for failure to clear the sidewalks after 24 hours. I hope that this is being enforced today, but I don’t have my hopes up.
     At least I have my music to keep my spirits up as I make my way through the workday here at home. The meetings are spaced throughout the afternoon, and I am making sure to get my steps in as often as I can in the meantime. I am over halfway there now and I still have approximately 3 hours left in the workday.
     Hal (person) ventured out to the store earlier today and he informed me that the roads are passable, but not all of the lanes are cleared, especially turn lanes. This makes things rather difficult and I am surprised that the main roads have not been treated better by now. I know that the crews have had to go onto the side streets due to complaints but I cannot see the area ready to get back to normal by tomorrow morning if right now is any indication.
     Right now, I would say that I am not going to the client’s location tomorrow morning. I can dial in IF they have their normal Wednesday morning meeting. Our trip last night just across the street revealed that the bus stops and sidewalks are still in terrible shape around here. I will work early as normal on Wednesday, but I will not travel.
     I just stepped outside for a smoke and it is 52 degrees! The snow will melt gradually, but temperatures like this will certainly help although there is a good chance that things will freeze again overnight.
     I am beginning my last meeting of the day here and looking forward to the evening. Plans to go to the store are off because there are too many people out on the roads right now pretending that all is well with the world and that there are no lanes still covered in wet. slushy snow. From the window I have seen several near misses due to this. Whatever we need will wait until tomorrow when I am off work early anyway.
     I am going to sign off early tonight and get some rest. I hope that everyone has had a great day and will have an even better tomorrow.

Dreamer’s World January 25 2016 – Starting Up Again

And so, another week begins here. After the snowstorm, things are still in flux around here. The government is still shut down, but that is due to all the people who live miles away from the area and commute far too long on any given day. I know that there are areas that got a lot more snow than we did here, and they are still digging out especially in the subdivisions. It was the right decision to keep hundreds of thousands of people off the roads in those areas today, but that has no affect on me. Being a contractor means that I have to work regardless of the weather but since I work from home this isn’t a problem at all.
I feel reinvigorated about writing today. Perhaps it is the start of the week that makes me feel this way, but I am not complaining. I am looking forward to topics and inspiration surrounding me right now.
I took some time to play with The Stooges this morning during a break from the job. Hal (cat) found one of his catnip toys that he must have put away somewhere, so I had him chasing it until he was ready to lay down. I gave him the toy to snuggle up with and he is happy now.
I am getting my walks in during breaks in the routine here. I’ll have lunch in a little while and check on The Stooges again as well as Hal (person). He is watching TV so I have the door closed in order to keep the droning monotony away from me in favor of some music as I work. The daily meetings are slowly passing and the sun is shining. There are still people in the parking lot who decided that today was the day to clear the snow from around their cars. Most of them must have the day off from work, or they are teleworking like I am. It helps that my car is in the underground garage and doesn’t have to be cleaned off 🙂
I think that after work today, I am telling Hal (person) that we are going across the street for dinner this evening at Shooter McGees for 1/2 price burger night. It will get us out of the apartment without having to put either of our cars on the road, so that is a great option for later today. Eventually, we will venture out to the grocery store again but that isn’t something that we need to do right away.
As the workday begins to draw towards a close, I am doing some research on how to improve my blog template. I have some ideas and have researched how to implement them by finding some reference material and videos. This will be a task that I will work on as the week progresses.
Work is over with for today, Hal (person) is showering before we walk across the street for dinner. It will be good to get out of the apartment even for a short while.

Dreamer’s World January 24 2016




Yesterday was a day of staying inside as the storm roared around us. Today is a day that I hope will allow me to get outside and get some exercise even with all the snow hanging around. With any luck, it will actually get above freezing at some point today and that should really help things out around here. I did clear the snow off the balcony last night so that chore is no longer awaiting me.
     The area is attempting to return to normal today. The roads are still rather tricky once you leave the main thoroughfares. I am so glad that we decided to pay the extra money to have our cars in the garage at a time like this. Honestly, I wouldn’t look forward to digging our cars out. The apartment complex crew did a great job with the parking lot to make a lane, but obviously this shoved a lot of snow in front of or behind the cars. 
     The recovery will take a day or two at least. There are areas to the west of us that really got buried with snow, although we didn’t get the real storm that was prophesied about endlessly for the better part of a week. Looking across the street at Shooter McGees, it is looks like they will not open for brunch today. It will be difficult to get out and actually go anywhere today because most places will be CLOSED.
     The worst part of this whole episode, personally, is the feeling of being trapped. It irritates me beyond words. I want to be able to get out and go places if I choose to, but I realize that my needs don’t run things around here during a time like this. I do see people walking up and down Duke Street, and I DO MEAN walking ON Duke Street because the sidewalks are not cleared off.
     As I watched people digging their cars out, I’m glad I paid extra for garage parking.


The afternoon is slowly moving along and we’re staying home as rage area digs out. The same n is shining and the temperature is above freezing and that helps everyone who is out working on snow removal.
     I deliberately took some time away from the blog to get some exercise in this afternoon. After a wonderful dinner with Hal (person), I am going to get another walk in before it gets late. I will be staying indoors and just doing the circuit of the building rather than risk stepping on an icy patch outside and falling down and busting my ass.  When I return from that, I will write more to finish up the day here.
     I just got all my steps for today logged and I am looking forward to a good night of rest. The federal government has already announced that it will be closed tomorrow, but that has no impact on me and I will start my day at 0900 on the usual schedule. I hope that it will be a good week for us all.

Dreamer’s World January 23 2016 – Sometimes it is the smallest things that mean the most


As I was going through my list of blogs that I follow, I made a comment last night. The blog, which I highly recommend is:
     Nothing unusual about that, but when the author, whom I have followed for some time, reached out and responded personally to me I felt like a million bucks. Isn’t it amazing that such small acts of kindness can create such a wonderful impression on us?
     This morning I also received a very nice response from another follower:
     Her response was much more inquisitive about how things work here as opposed to in her home country. I love that she took the time to reach out and ask me questions.
     I wish I knew what the secret was to make us always feel that we need to be nice to one another, not out of a sense of responsibility or because we have some ulterior motive, but because it is the human thing to do. Why is it that we can become so jaded that we take those around us for granted? Sure, there are assholes in life, but not everyone is an asshole, not by a long shot. Yet we always seem to expect the least from everyone based on the negative experiences that we ourselves have had in the past.
     What a tremendous waste of time and effort those feelings are. They pale into nothing when compared to the exhilaration of human interaction and contact. The need to reach out and feel accepted is universal. Sadly we far too often will forsake the risk because we fear failure or rejection.
     One of the very hardest lessons I ever learned was also one of the most simple. Being happy is a choice that we have to make for ourselves. It won’t always mean that we will be happy 100% of the time, but it opens the possibilities up to us on a much greater level if we decide that happiness is what we want for ourselves. Making that decision eventually shows when you interact with other people in the most ordinary ways. In turn, those people are much more likely to be attracted to someone who projects that choice that they have made.
     Never let anyone have such a level of control over you that you are no longer able to choose to be happy. If we have a soul, losing the ability to make that choice is the closest equivalent to losing a soul that I can think of. We become empty shells without that choice, and will complete the self-fulfilling prophecy of not being happy in the future because we aren’t happy now.
     Take the time to make the decision to be happy. And take the time to send some positive wishes and comments on to others. It makes a world of difference.

Dreamer’s World January 21 2016 – Impending DOOM/SNOW


“Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here” is from Dante’s Inferno, but a paraphrase for this week would be “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Reside in the DC Metro Area” would seem more appropriate with the oncoming winter storm that threatens to dump between 1-2 feet of snow on us beginning sometime Friday. In anticipation of this, Hal (person) and I want to Harris Teeter yesterday to get what groceries we think would be needed in advance of the storm because panic will begin setting ion today.
     It didn’t help that there was snow last night, just a few inches, but still the first time this winter that we have actual snow cover on the ground. Naturally, this caused chaos around the area last night during rush hour. This is only a small taste of what is predicted for us with the big storm. I am glad that we don’t have any trips that have to be made today or tonight.
     Work is slow today, this is not surprising since the weather is the topic on everyone’s mind right now. At least after tomorrow I will be all caught up on the time for this pay period and next week I will return to my normal starting time of 0900 as opposed to 0800 this week. Since I work from home, the weather will not affect me in terms of getting to and from work, so I won’t have to worry any about that.
     After a deliberately slow day yesterday, I am getting back into my walking routine. With work being slow, I can take my cell phone and get in the walks throughout the day here and not miss anything, and still be able to respond quickly if I am needed.
     Last night we received about an inch of snow and this happened:
     We are DOOMED!
     At least this is, as I predicted, a quiet day at work. After 1730, we will determine if there is anything we really need that we didn’t pick up yesterday while we were out. Honestly, I cannot think of anything and that is good. Word is that tomorrow afternoon the entire DMV area will start to shutdown as the storm approaches, but with the way things usually go around here, the storm will arrive early and that will start more chaos. If the forecast is wrong ,the panic and chaos will still ensue due to mass stupidity.
     Truth be told, I am tired of all the hype about this storm and would rather just get it over with! The media does their typical fear-inducing and panic-mongering so I cannot watch them at all. With more than 24 hours left before the storm even ARRIVES, I am already so over the whole thing.
     It is hard to believe that we are approaching our collective demise here in the DC area by looking out the window on this Thursday afternoon, the sky is clear, last night’s snow has melted, the roads are dry, and life is good. We will have to wait and see what things will be like in 24 hours or so. If the storm fucks up the weekend, I might get upset!
     Now that the evening is here I am avoiding the media. I cannot handle the crap anymore. I will write again tomorrow before the storm kills us all, according to the media.

Dreamer’s World January 26 2015 – Teleworking Nightmare

    I decided that it was best for me to stay home today and telework since the weather forecast was not that good. Rain was supposed to turn to snow during the afternoon, and that would adversely affect the commute home after work. Naturally, the rain fell and fell until it finally stopped without any snow. Now the forecast says the snow will occur tonight.
I got some things done today, but I do not like to telework. The connections were spotty at times and some of the applications that I normally use were unreliable. The worst part was that I really have not felt well all day. I hope it isn’t the flu or anything like that. At any rate, I am going to lay down and if I fall asleep, I will be in bed for the rest of the night.
     I feel sorry for the people in New England and New York, but I am glad that most of the snow will miss us here. I hope that I feel better by tomorrow. If I am able I am going into the office rather than spend another day not getting enough stuff done here at home.