A Feel Good Story. History is made as reparations start to flow in Evanston, Illinois

EVANSTON, Ill. — Grey Avenue explains everything. Start at the southern end and walk north, through three blocks of working-class families living in weathered h…
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Dreamer’s World March 22 2016 – More Tragedy


I was just not prepared at all this morning to hear about the latest terrorist atrocity that happened in Brussels. I am so heartbroken that there are people who think that actions like this somehow advance their agendas. I am tired of people that want everyone to live in fear of, or subjugation to, their fucked-up religious hatred and religious extremisms.
     I wish that there was an easy answer to all of this, but there isn’t.
It doesn’t help that we have our own ideologues that will make every effort to use this tragedy to advance their own extreme religious and political agendas here in the USA. Hatred will never produce anything more than more hatred, but this is a lesson that we never seem to learn. These attacks are NOT the product of people who are Muslim, they are the product of people who are INSANE with their list for power that is cloaked in religion. Sadly, religion is the cause of this at the most basic level. Religion is a tool that is used to create and enhance division. There is nothing surprising about this, religion has always been used in this way.
     I fear that we will never advance beyond these things until we throw religion away and recognize that we are all human beings. This is the first step that we have to take in order to stop this insanity.

Dreamer’s World – Is This What We Have Become?

I read this story with alarm, but also without too much surprise. At a Trump rally, a Black man was being escorted out of the event. As he was being led out by police officers, a white man (sic) sucker-punched him. The cops responded as they always do, but subduing the Black man and acting as if he were the criminal. Clearly, he was not, he was the victim of the attack. The RWNJ lunatic who punched the Black man was proud of what he had done, demonstrating another problem with the type of people that Trump attracts to his rallies. The unjustifiable actions of the police demonstrate quite clearly why respect for them continues to plummet.


This type of shit goes on at Trump rallies all of the time. Trump has opened the pits of hatred among his supporters, and it clearly shows in events like this. I am ashamed that there are ANY Americans that support this NAZI ASSHOLE in his quest to become President.

As I think more about it many things come to mind. The Greatest Generation fought to defend civilization against NAZIS like Trump. They realized that Nazism was a deadly danger to civilization, and they fought with honor to defeat it. The USA was not perfect at that time, it still isn’t perfect today, but we as Americans have always strived to make things better. Sadly, most of them are gone now and we are left with people who have no idea of the horrors that this type of hatred wrapped in political and nationalistic rhetoric can produce. At least that was the case until the last 8 years or so. At that time, the ugly face of Racism roared back with a vengeance against our elected President. The RepubliKKKan party has made a career of obstructing everything that President Obama has tried to accomplish, and made us the laughing stock of the world in the process.  To them, that is ancient history but as a wise man once said, “Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it”. We are witnessing this first-hand right now in this country.

I read books written by people who lived in Germany between the wars. Many of them noted that Hitler was considered a joke rather than a politician, let alone a leader. Even when he ran for office and was elected (democratically), it was always thought that there would be others who would keep him in line. They thought there was NO WAY that a lunatic like Hitler could ever end up in charge. They were terribly wrong.

The type of hatred that Trump incites is all too similar to Hitler. What would make a proud and advanced people fall victim to such a lunatic? This has been a question that historians have asked for years when studying the causes of WWII. We are now seeing a replay of those events right before our eyes. “It cannot happen here” is a hollow cry when we see things like this going on. Quite clearly, it CAN and it IS happening here and now in the USA. The Hatred and Intolerance of Trump should be a warning call to all of us, it should spur us to action to prevent anyone like Trump from EVER being elected.

Sadly, the “media” in this country has failed once again in their duty to inform the public. Episodes like the one in North Carolina are treated as nothing more than soundbites. No one in the media is willing to stand up and call Trump a NAI to his lying face. That leaves it up to all of us to point this out over and over without hesitation. This country was saved from lunatics like Hitler over 70 years ago, now it is time to save it from lunatics like Trump today.