Dreamer’s World April 24, 2018 – Home

    “Home” is such an important word. It evokes an emotional response in all of us. For most, “home” means safety and comfort and protection from the outside world, for others, it might have negative connotations, and that is a shame. Regardless. “home” is a concept. It is an idea that means something primal to all of us.
    Moving is always a hard chore. It took us a week to get things ready, and then to make a move and begin to prepare the new place so that it feels like “home” for us. All of the material possessions are nice, but the real move is complete when we realize that we are now “home” in the new place. The sense of peace and calm that begins to flow is something that words cannot describe, but it is a tangible feeling. There is no set point in the moving process where the feeling will appear, but we are always happy when it does.
    For us, one of the most enjoyable things was how quickly The Stooges adjusted to the new apartment. This was not without incident, however, thanks to Stevie Nicks. As we were busy going in and out on Thursday, carrying newly collapsed boxes away to the dumpster, Stevie Nicks managed to get out the door without us realizing it. It wasn’t until some time later that we realized she was missing.
    At first, there was the frantic search through the apartment and all of the remaining boxes to see if she had hidden for a nap. When I went through the apartment shaking a box of cat treats, and she didn’t appear, I knew that something had happened. Hal (person) then repeated the process, and he realized the same thing. We tried not to panic, but we were worried. Hal and I decided to go outside and search around the building to see if we could find Stevie Nicks before it got dark.
    Luckily, Hal found her. She had gone down a flight of stairs and then panicked. Apparently, she heard someone and leaped onto a ledge that also had a sloping roof to protect people coming into the building from the elements. Stevie Nicks was on the ledge looking for help. Hal went out onto the roof ledge and brought her back to safety. It was at that moment, reunited with Stevie Nicks, that I believe the feeling of being “home” really started to sink in. We knew that we were still together, and that is one of the most important features that make a place a “home.”
    Another thing that caused me some inner stress was being so busy that I couldn’t find the time to write. There was so much going on, arranging the furniture, conducting a second purge of unwanted and unnecessary items, that I just couldn’t focus on writing. My guitar practice has also been interrupted, and I won’t be able to resume for a few more days. I need to get a small table that I can place my amps on to make things ready for practice that will give me more room to be comfortable. For now, the guitars remain in their cases, but I am looking forward to that changing.     I found the perfect table for the amps at IKEA. It is just a matter of getting down there to pick one up sometime this week.
    I am also in the process of trading in my two old iMacs for a used MacBook. I no longer feel the need to have another desktop around here, and if I can get a good MacBook trade, it will be worth the effort. This is another task that will hopefully be accomplished later this week.
    Tomorrow I make my trip in to see the client. I missed last week, but they already knew that I wasn’t going to be there. I will get caught up with them tomorrow morning, and then I can proceed with the rest of my week at work.
    If I feel like it after work, we will go to the grocery store, and I will also try to cook some chicken and noodles and veggies in the Instant Pot. This would mark the first real use of the kitchen since we moved in last week. I am looking forward to making dinners at home once again. More to follow as I get back to writing once again.

Dreamer’s World April 13 2018 – Time For Happy Hour And The Weekend

      I am so glad to report that I made it through this week. There have been ups and downs, but I am still here and ready for the weekend. What makes today even more special is that it will be a short day at work since the local employees from my company are holding our quarterly Happy Hour this afternoon. Since it is Friday, we always start the event earlier than most. I will be leaving at noon to travel to the event since one of the other people has organized it close to his home. We take turns changing the locations around so that we all have events close to our home and don’t have to travel as far.
    Today is also the last day at work for me before the move next week. I am taking next week off work to prepare for the big day, survive the big day, and recover from the big day, at least that is the plan right now. I know that Monday and Tuesday will be very busy around here with packing up the last items so the movers will have an easy time when next Wednesday arrives. I am looking forward to the move and looking forward even more to completing it.
    As for the guitar amplifier issue, a new one has been sent to me, and it should arrive on Monday. This is cutting things closer than I would like, but at least it should be here in time for the move. I think that the problem with the original amp I ordered was a faulty power switch. The amp would not power on at all. The power cord had a brick in the middle that has a light to indicate that there was power going through the cord, so the problem had to be with the amp itself. When I explained this to the distributor, they were more than happy to get a new one sent to me at no charge, as well as free shipping on the original amp to be returned to them.
    In addition to that problem, I still have to get my guitar restrung. I simply don’t have the time or the patience right now to do this. Last night I took the guitar to a local ship that assured me they could restring the guitar in less than 30 minutes. I sat in rush hour traffic for nearly an hour to get to the store. When I got there, the person informed me that they didn’t restring “those type of guitars” and that it would have to be sent away. I would also be charged $90 for the privilege of being without my guitar for at least a week.
    Obviously, this was not going to happen. I informed the people at the store that I was not going to conduct any further business with them because I had described my guitar in detail when I called them to ask about the repair in the first place. I will take the guitar to Guitar Center either this afternoon after Happy Hour, or more likely, tomorrow. At least I know and trust the people at the local Guitar Center. I should have gone there in the first place. Even if they cannot get the job completed right away, I won’t be waiting for a week or more, and I won’t be charged nearly as much.
    I must be feeling good this morning because I just realized how much I wrote over the last few minutes. I suppose that part of this feeling is the sense of relief that the big objective (the move) is nearly accomplished. I feel like a new beginning is here, and I am ready for it. My motivation for guitar has recently increased as you might have guessed, and I hope that will also transfer over to my writing as well.
    The day went well. The Happy Hour was a success, and I got home and still had time to get my guitar repaired at Guitar Center early in the evening. I have had a tough time sleeping because the air conditioner in this apartment is completely useless. The management says it has to be replaced, but we decided that it will wait until after we leave. We have enough chaos right now without people running all over the apartment maing more mess. There is less than a week before we move, and I will survive until then.

Dreamer���s World March 10, 2018 ��� The Little Things

Saturday is here. I just took Hal to work and came back home. I am not sure what I will be doing today other than starting to throw out items in preparation for the move next month. The first place I will start is my bedroom closet, which has become a disaster area over the last few months. The first pass through resulted in one bag of clothing to be donated, as well as several bags worth of items to be thrown away at the dumpster because they are no longer used/needed. It’s a start to the process, and it will make Hal happy because he always wants to have the entire apartment packed up three weeks before we move.
    I noticed that my IFTTT app seems to have crashed and I wasn’t aware of it. This means that some blog posts have not been getting through to my WP and Blogger accounts. It will take some time to determine which, if any, of the posts I want to resubmit. I am sure that researching this problem will take a few days.
    I made it back from lunch and am feeling good about the rest of the day. The only negative thing is that our cable tv seems to be all fucked up today. Since I don’t watch that much tv, I am not really concerned, but I am certain that Hal will be calling the provider when he gets home when I tell him that it isn’t working. The account is in Hal’s name, so even if I wanted to call, the company wouldn’t listen to me.
    I will make another round in the closet later today to gather moer items that are going to be thrown out. Things will be coming together gradually the next few weeks without any real stress. Clothing will be easier than I thought. If I see something that I haven’t worn in the last year, there is no need to take it with us to the new apartment next month.
    Hopefully, this post will be published and the IFTTT problem corrected today.

Dreamer���s World February 24, 2018 ��� A Foggy Start

Dreamer’s World February 24, 2018 – A Foggy Start
    The fog is slowly burning off this morning as I prepare to take Hal to work. I forgot to get a picture earlier when I couldn’t see across the street, but I am glad that I wont have to drive in those conditions.
    I am not sure how I will spend today since it is nearing the end of the week off work that I so desperately needed. Looking back, we got a lot accomplished during the week. We managed to find a new apartment. We can move out of here in late April. Hal and I also had lots of time spent together, and that was something that we nboth really needed. Now as Hal goes to work today, I start to realize that Monday is creeping up on me. I wish that I didn’t have to go back to work, but that isn’t a possibility worth worrying about.
    I will come back home after I take Hal to work and spend some time with my thoughts. I have neglected writing while I was on vacation, but I managed to avoid the guilt by staying busy most of the time. Neverthless I have multiple aborted blog posts laying around that I might be able to save by combining them into something useful, or I might just decide to let them be and start fresh. I am leaning toward just starting something new like this and moving on. There is no reason to revisit the past when the future is right in front of me.
    Today marks the return of the old routine. With Hal working today and tomorrow, there wont be much chance to get out together. Hal needs to rest, and I respect that. Perhaps one of theses days he can work a schedule that will give both of us the weekend off. I am cpontent working from home during the week and avoiding the rat race commute in the DC area.
    Because we know when and where we will be moving to, I will have to set up another week or so off from work in late April. This gives me something to look forward to that isn’t too far in the future. The move will be less than a mile actually. We like it here in Centreville and see no reason to move out of the area. The new apartment will give us a lake view rather than a parking lot, and that will be a welcome change.
    Friends asked us why we are moving again. The answer comes down to the management company that recently purchased the apartment community that we are living in. The new owensership is less than stellar, and that is being very kind to them. The community portal that is used to pay rent and submit maintenance requests never works, most of the maintenance staff have left as a result of the ownership change, and finally, we were accused of not having renters insurance by the new company even though the paperwork is on file in the office. All of this happened in just over a month, and we realized it was not going to get any better, so it is time for us to move on.
    After we found the next apartment, I managed to do most of the things that I wanted to while on vacation except going to the casino. That can happen another time, there is no rush for it. We never take risks when we go anyway. We show up with a set amount to spend, and when that is gone, we walk out with whatever we have won, or with nothing left from the original amount at all, and we always have a good time. We just never had the full day to make that trip this week.
    Hal is at work, and I am back writing once again. Hal forgot his cell phone, but if he gets away from work early, he can still call me from his job. If I don’t hear from him, I know to be there at 1630 to pick him up and bring him home. I am going to rest here today since it is raining and there is no need to be out. I have food here that was prepared in the Instant Pot, and that will tide us over for the weekend. I will try to catch up on sleep again tonight and tomorrow night to be ready for the expected avalanche of emails and phone calls on Monday morning. Fun times.

Dreamer’s World February 24, 2018 – A Kind Of Catharsis

     “Catharsis” is a term normally used to describe ways to purge emotions and feelings. Typically, we think of Catharsis in the context of negative feelings and emotions, but I believe it can be applied to other areas if our lives.
    Every time that Hal and I prepare to move to a new place, we intentionally pick out items that we no longer need. Not just those items that are broken, but those that we no longer use, or feel a need to keep. It seems like we end up with 10% or more of our belongings that we just decide to give to charity rather than keep moving them around with us.
    Sometimes, we decide to give away items that were, at one time, sacrosanct for some reason. Sentiment can be a strong bond to an object, and it takes time to disassociate the item from the feeling that it embodies to us. Thankfully, we never make these decisions in haste, because that leads to regret and the feeling that we made the wrong decision. We have found that items usually have an emotional lifespan that happens naturally and that once that time has passed, it is easier to part with those objects without a feeling of guilt or regret.
    Since we are moving in 2 months, the preparation is already underway. This includes the process of determining what we will not be taking with us. It has become a means of measuring our time together, as well as our emotional progress through life. Too many possessions just weigh us down, and we don’t need that in our life any longer. We talked last night about some of the things that we will consider giving away before the next move. I am sure that some of the things we decide to part with will come as a surprise, but nothing that we cannot overcome.