Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid

     Every day we are subjected to the control mechanisms that keep the world running. All the hatred, conflicts, and fear exist because we created them in the first place. We allow those toxic circumstances to govern our lives were designed to preserve the status quo.

     Humanity can’t move forward while carrying all that baggage. When so many people live in poverty due to preventable diseases, lack of education, and health care, we all share the blame for these things. We have surrendered our humanity generation after generation, all in the pursuit of personal gain. There is nothing wrong with successful people, but we still have a moral obligation to help those around us.

     Two things we lack are KINDNESS and COMPASSION. When we highlight simple human kindness and compassion because they are so infrequent, we know we’re in trouble. Don’t attack someone helpless; defend them. Teach

 someone; don’t criticize their lack of knowledge. When you see someone hungry, give them something to eat. You get the idea.

. Let’s inject more kindness and compassion into the world for a change.

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Dreamer’s World June 22, 2018 – A Warning From History

    A wise man once said that those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them, and he was right. Our country is experiencing this lesson right now.
    We have a Nazi in the White House. He didn’t get there via a coup d’etat. He got there through an allegedly fair election, although that remains very much in doubt. I say this because Hitler was also elected.
    We have a Nazi in the White House. He is busy implementing the platform of the Nazi party in the US as I write this.
    It isn’t simply the Nazi in the White House, it is the Nazis in positions of authority (republiKKKans), and those who support them that are complicit in this tragedy.
Taken from, and edited to reflect the Nazi in the White House:
    Point 1: Only those who are patriotic enough to support this Nazi in the White House are real Americans.
    Point 2: Scrapping any and all treaties that the Nazi in the White House disagrees with, even though the US has always attempted to honor its treaty obligations.
    Point 3: The elimination of public lands that have been preserved for the benefit and enjoyment of all Americans for generations. Also, the destruction of policies and organizations designed to protect the environment.
    Point 4: A new requirement for “citizenship” based on political loyalty to the Nazi in the White House. This is especially true along racial and ethnic lines. All others, non-whites, and women, LGBTQ, are of no concern and can be treated unfairly without fear of repercussion from the government.
    Point 5: Identification of all “foreigners” based on the warped qualities listed above. This is to allow for persecution by identifying them as a separate but unequal class.
    Point 6: Voter suppression to allow the Nazis in the White House to maintain power using the veil of fake legitimacy.
    Point 7: The nation will provide for those who agree with it, others are subject to expulsion.
    Point 8: No further immigration. Foreigners must be expelled immediately.
    Point 9: A restructuring of the educational system to emphasize loyalty to the Nazis in the White House over all else.
    Point 10: A policy that English is the only language that can be used in the US.
    To read these points in the original document, it took literally no effort to update them to reflect what the US is facing today with a Nazi in the White House.
    My father fought against the Nazis for this country in WWII. I am glad that he isn’t alive to see that the Nazis are finally on the verge of victory here because the sheep cannot see that the abattoir is the ultimate destination. This country has willingly surrendered to the Nazis, and it makes me sick.

Dreamer’s World September 22 2016 – Trying To Stay Positive


If we needed any more proof of how difficult it can be to try and maintain any type of positive outlook, today is just another example. The police continue to run amok on our streets, killing people based on the color of their skin, RWNJ hatred reacts to the news instinctively to protect the oppressors, and the MSM complies with the powers that be in shading their coverage against the victims of these endless atrocities.

Honestly, there are times when I just want snuggle up in my bed and tell the world to FUCK OFF. Sadly, while this might be an option, it is not a very good one. Until everyone says that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH this shit will continue until the system is no longer able to contain the anger. I am totally on the side of the victims of these executions because I could not live with myself if I sided with the oppressors.

I am sick to my stomach when I hear the MSM report on “property damage” rather than on the problem of police conducting executions on our streets. This is the type of oppression that we condemn unanimously when we see it happen on other parts of the world, but the terribly misguided concept of American Exceptionalism means that too many people here in this country are all too willing to silently approve of these tragedies when they happen here.

When an athlete draws attention to these problems by taking a knee during the national anthem, the instinctive RWNJ lunatics are outraged. That is the extent of their thought process. Outrage because they do not agree with something and that is the end of their short-bus mentality. They are incapable of discussing the issue of police violence without resorting to their instinctive defense of authority, which once again is the extent of their argument.

I think that the real problem is very deeply ingrained in this country. If there is no outrage when police conduct executions on our streets against people based on the color of their skin, logic leads to the conclusion that these RWNJ idiots automatically assume that all Black people are guilty and therefore deserve no justice. If this is not a textbook symptom of RACISM, I don’t know what is.

I wrote about the psychological aspects of how society and those who control it also want to control all of us. This is the result of that mindset, a nation of sheeple that will believe anything said that reinforces their instinctive reaction rather than provokes thoughtful discourse on the problem. To be perfectly blunt, this is a recipe for disaster. This nation cannot continue on its present course for much longer until the entire system itself will no longer be valid in the eyes of its own citizens. When that time comes, the charade of democracy and representative government will be taken away to reveal the corporate that has truly taken control of things. These are the people who lead through FEAR and HATRED. If we follow them, we are all doomed.

How long can a group of people be harassed, bullied, intimidated, incarcerated, and finally, EXECUTED on the streets before they rise in righteous indignation? Once that happens, I will be marching with them. My only hope is that the HATRED that drove them to it will not infect them the way that it has infected far too many white Americans, because if that is the case those white Americans will know the exact pain that they are busy inflicting right now. I say this with the somber realization that my support of the oppressed might not mean a damn thing to them because all they might see is the color of my skin. I would not have much of a defense to offer because right now, any Black American can be executed solely because of the color of their skin.

I hope that we can somehow get through this and stop the oncoming catastrophe, but for that to happen, WE ALL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.

Dreamer’s World January 18 2016 – MLK’s message. More important now than ever.


 I found a prompt for my post today. It came from the DailyPost and it is:
A Reason To Believe
     Bruce Springsteen say in his lyrics to “Reason To Believe” that we all need something at the end of the day to believe in. Bruce is a great spokesperson for the working and middle class people of America. What is it that drives us to strive and achieve each day?
     Today in the US, we honor the memory of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and we attempt to use this day to help others in accordance with the many wonderful messages that Dr. King left to us. It is a tragedy that he was taken away from us far too soon, I was only 4 years old when he was assassinated, but I am fortunate enough to have lived in an era where we struggle to make his visions and dreams into reality.
     The ideas that Dr. King endorsed are so very basic that we sometimes have to step back and wonder why they are so necessary. Sadly, there are those who still believe that these ideas are controversial. It is the struggle against those people that makes it so important for all of us to live a life that would honor the ideas that Dr. King fought for. Since I am white, I cannot ever fully appreciate the impact that Dr. King really has had on this country. While I completely support his message, I cannot comprehend being denied basic rights based on the color of my own skin. This is the definition of what we now refer to as White Privilege. It is the completely corrupt idea that because an issue has not impacted the white portion of America that it must not be a real problem. Sadly, that is the problematic viewpoint that too many Americans still have.
     Equality is not something that is achieved in an instant. Equality is not something that, once finally achieved, is then considered something that is over with and moved on from. Equality is something that we all have to work for. Equality has not been achieved, and those who claim otherwise are in effect defending the discrimination that Dr. King dedicated his life to fighting against. Equality will never be something that we look back on and wonder why it took so long to achieve because it will always remain an objective for each generation to strive towards.
     In America today, we see the ugly side from those who would diminish Dr. King’s message. We see people for whom racism and discrimination are a way of life clinging to power and once again attempting to broaden their support by claiming that “Racism is over with”, or they will claim that “Dr. King was a conservative” in a vain attempt to justify their own hateful practices. We see white Americans seduced by a Nazi like Donald Trump, with his message of division and hatred that look exactly like the Nazis in Germany in the 1930s. I always have to remind people that Hitler and the Nazis first came to power through elections, there was no violent revolution that came first. The terror came afterwards.
     I think that Dr. King would be proud of President Obama. I also believe that he would urge the President to do even more to address the issues of inequality that we still face today. Dr. King would likely see President Obama as a milestone for how things have improved, but I also believe that he would see the intense hatred directed against President Obama as proof that we still have a long ways to go before we reach what he described as “The Promised Land”.
     Before his tragic death, Dr. King began to talk about things like the violence of poverty and the injustice of war. In the decades since his death, progress has been made. We are much farther along than we have ever been, but the road is still a long one and there is no time to turn back or to stop. I believe that Dr. King would have endorsed the same struggle for equality that women, other ethnic minorities, LGBT and  the disabled continue to fight today.
     As a Gay Man, I appreciate Dr. King for his struggle and his message. Because my partner is black, I have gained a much deeper understanding of how important Dr. King is, and needs to continue to be for us all. To allow any segment of our society to be lessened is an indictment of us all, particularly those in power who have the responsibility to make this country great for all of us.
     I believe that the message left to us by Dr. King can never be diminished. It remains an eternal goal that must be constantly fought for and defended. There will always be people who want power only for themselves, these are the ones that we have to guard against. I believe in HOPE. I believe in EQUALITY. I believe in JUSTICE. I believe in LOVE. These are the beliefs I have that comfort me at the end of the day and inspire me on to the next.