Dreamer’s World June 04, 2018 – Happiness Is A Choice

    As I have made my way through this life, I have learned many valuable lessons. Sometimes I have to remember lessons that I had forgotten about.” One instance of a lesson from my parents was brought back to my attention when I was reading a quote from the late John Lennon, which read
“When I was 5 years old, my Mother told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them that they didn’t understand life.”

Happiness is a choice. It is a choice that we all must make each and every day as we go through our lives. Happiness isn’t something that we earn, it cannot be given to us by others. Happiness is a deeply personal choice that is the most important choice that we can make. There will always be people and circumstances that will push their own agendas onto us. Our Happiness is not their concern at all. We usually give in to the constant pressure to conform and find ourselves further and further away from the happiness that we seek. Eventually, happiness seems unattainable and impossible.
We try to make ourselves believe that we are happy with things and personal pleasures, but the emptiness persists. Deep down inside, we know that something is missing, but we have been so conditioned that we fail to realize what we are missing is happiness.
The world is full of schemes to trick us into believing that we can find happiness by following someone else, by doing what they tell us to do. Sometimes we force ourselves to believe that we have actually found happiness when we really have no clue. The plans that others laid out for us lead to dead ends, or worse, to conforming to something that takes away our freedom without us realizing it.
If we maintain our intellectual freedom, we find that the only way to reach happiness is to strive for that goal. This is the decision I mentioned. It is easy to make, but difficult to make work. The decision goes against every aspect of life that we have been forced to accept as we grow up. This decision can cost us dearly because it involves throwing off so much of the life that we have built, but we realize that the life in question wasn’t the one that we really wanted.
Personal priorities must be re-evaluated. Choices must be reshaped to determine if they are actually helping us along the way to happiness. Sounds impossible, I know, but life is a journey, and we decide which way to go. Happiness is also a journey that often takes us in a different direction than what is expected of us. I am not advocating abandoning everything and taking off on some wild goose chase, I am advocating making a personal decision based on what it is that we really want from life, what will it take to make us happy?
I said that Happiness is a choice, and the first thing about this choice is to decide to embark on a journey. As with any journey, preparations must be made before setting out on the trip. In this case, the first decision to make is where we want to go to find Happiness. That answer is different for each of us, and it requires breaking free of the patterns we have fallen into.
Plan your trip carefully, determine where you want to go to find happiness.

Dreamer’s World May 15, 2018 – No Surrender

    Since I deliberately removed myself from most social media, I find my mind is at peace. I still maintain a presence on Google + but that is because the people there have always been more real and interactive, rather than bots screaming for attention. Occasionally, I do run across a person or bot on there that can irritate me, but it is so easy just to block them and never say a word. I just keep enjoying my day and never look back.
    The response I get from people when they learn that I left facebook and twitter behind is shock. When they ask why I decided to leave, I point out that they didn’t notice for over a month and then say nothing else.      As is the case with most people, their attention is drawn to the easiest and most flashy things that can occupy their time.
    FB and Twitter offer people the cookie-cutter approach to social interaction. No thought is required, just start posting away and liking this and forwarding that, and somehow at the end, you are supposed to be a better person??? I was guilty of that myself. I found it so easy to hide behind an avatar and just follow the other lemmings over the cliff.
    If nothing else, FB and Twitter taught me an old lesson once again. I desire real interaction with real people. I don’t like cliques or trends. I cannot be happy as a member of the herd all of the time.
    I am the person in a crowd who looks in the opposite direction from everyone else. I am the person who takes the path less traveled when I come to a fork in the road. I prefer to hike along a trail in the woods over speeding down a paved highway.
    I prefer silence over the mindless chatter. I find happiness in music rather than TV. I would rather read than listen to a conversation about the latest fads or celebrities.
    I don’t feel I am better than other people, I just realize and embrace the differences that make me unique. I feel that everyone should take the path that diverges from the crowd, but I don’t demand that from others. Freedom includes the freedom to surrender to the mob, but I threw my white flag away years ago.