One of the best things I remember about Mom was her sense of humor and how she used it to her advantage when she needed to. I was born in 1964, and I still remember something that happened in the spring of 1970.
    We had an old 13-inch Black and White TV in the family room.

    This isnt exactly the old TV we had, but it illustrates the point for the tale about my Mom. Mohm started telling Dad that she wanted a new color TV for the family room. Dad, being his normal self, told Mom that since the TV we had still worked that there was no reason to replace it. Mom began planting flowers for the garden that Sping or 1970 and she conspicuously brought some of the plants inside to “add some color to the house”. Several of the planters went on top of the old TV. Mom took great care of the plants every single day. She made certain that they were rotated in and out of the sun each day, and afterward she would make sure that the plants were watered. ESPECIALLY the plants on top of the old TV.
    It didn’t take more than 3 days for the old TV to stop working. Mom played it cool, but I suspect that Dad knew what she was up to. The next day we had a new color TV in the family room. Thanks for the memories. Mom.