Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid

     Every day we are subjected to the control mechanisms that keep the world running. All the hatred, conflicts, and fear exist because we created them in the first place. We allow those toxic circumstances to govern our lives were designed to preserve the status quo.

     Humanity can’t move forward while carrying all that baggage. When so many people live in poverty due to preventable diseases, lack of education, and health care, we all share the blame for these things. We have surrendered our humanity generation after generation, all in the pursuit of personal gain. There is nothing wrong with successful people, but we still have a moral obligation to help those around us.

     Two things we lack are KINDNESS and COMPASSION. When we highlight simple human kindness and compassion because they are so infrequent, we know we’re in trouble. Don’t attack someone helpless; defend them. Teach

 someone; don’t criticize their lack of knowledge. When you see someone hungry, give them something to eat. You get the idea.

. Let’s inject more kindness and compassion into the world for a change.

A Feel Good Story. History is made as reparations start to flow in Evanston, Illinois

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“A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.”

• Arnold H. Glasow

A true friend is hard to find, and more valuable than all the gold in the world. A true friend will be the one you can count on, and someone that can count on you, because true friendship is a two-way relationship.


The meditation session today ended with this quote from Jimi Hendrix. He knew what he was talking about. He brought forth such incredible music because he learned to listen to his inner voice.

I’m still getting in tune with my own inner voice. Not the angry one, I’ve listened to that one far too much in the past. I’m searching for that calm inner voice that will lead me to peace and tranquillity in my life and mind.


More words of wisdom that remind me of the vital importance of being ourselves, not who someone else wants us to be. We are all unique and wonderful. Celebrate who you are.

Another John Lennon quote

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

— John Lennon

Another John Lennon quote that inspires me. The message is so simple, yet we find it almost impossible to put into practice. The emphasis is that things change and that we always feel that something must be addressed. This is called life.

Dreamer’s World February 09, 2018 – Random Acts Of Humanity And Kindness

    Yesterday after work, I went to see the Acupuncturist for a regular session. The Acupuncturist’s office is in the same practice where my Chiropractor works. I pay the Acupuncturist out of pocket because very few insurance providers will cover these sessions. I haven’t seen the Chiropractor for over two months due to the insurance company that my employer selected making the financial, not medical, decision that I did not require treatment. The logic was something like this: I had been seeing the Chiropractor regularly for nearly ten years to resolve ongoing neck and back issues. The previous insurance company had zero problems with this, but the new company decided that what was happening was “maintenance” and refused to cover it.
    I am not the smartest person in the world, but I know that “maintenance” is essential to keeping a system running smoothly. Failure to perform “maintenance” results in system degradation and premature system failure. Apparently, the insurance company was more than willing for my health to deteriorate so that they could make more money. This for-profit motive is representative of the problems that our health care system fails to address every single day. The decision is NOT made by a medical professional; it is made by bean-counters interested in making money for the company. The patient is nothing more than a resource for the insurance company to exploit for the financial benefit of the company. This practice is not just wrong; it is “evil.”
    I have heard all of the RWNJ arguments against single-payer health care, yet here is an example a company, not a medical professional, making a decision that affects a patient. RWNJ claim that this will happen all the time under single-payer, yet there is no real evidence that I have ever seen to support that claim, but here I am suffering from that very issue under the “free market” system that the RWNJ lunatics prefer because they are invested financially in the healthcare industry.
    Now that has been said; I had my visit with the Acupuncturist and then she suggested that I talk to the Chiropractor about the problem with my coverage. I waited for a few minutes until he had the time to see me after he had finished with another patient. He said that the insurance company decided to no longer cover my treatments was “COMPLETE BULLSHIT.” Obviously, I agreed with him on this. I was expecting to hear a lot of sympathies and offers to treat me at some discount off his regular office visit rate, but that would amount to around $100 per visit. I am not able to take on that expense at this time.
    I was utterly stunned when the Chiropractor offered to treat me every two weeks as before and only charge me the office visit copay of $25. His offer of kindness means that I can go back to receiving regular treatments as I had for years to alleviate the constant pain. I asked if this offer was going to be a hardship for him, and he assured me that it would not.
    It is this random act of humanity and kindness that made yesterday a wonderful day for me.