Dreamer’s World May 08, 2018 – Thinking About Dinner

Since everything is calming down here after the initial adjustment from the move, it is time to think about getting into the kitchen and preparing dinner for Hal and myself. I have 4 pork chops that have thawed out, and I will marinate them this evening. I will cook them tomorrow, and that will provide us with meals for a few days since these are large and thick pork chops.
After work, I made sure that I had the ingredients for the marinade I prefer to use, as well as the necessary spices. Also, I made sure that we have the side items for the meals. This will be the first real cooking adventure in the new apartment. I have used the Instant Pot a few times, but not the oven in the kitchen. There are always a few quirks that have to be accounted for, but I am confident that things will turn out delicious after I finish cooking the pork chops tomorrow evening.
    I am tempted to get some applesauce from the grocery store, as well as some fresh asparagus. I don’t want to go overboard, but I also want this meal to be special for Hal and myself. We already have potatoes, and green beans and baked beans. I know that I will have to get an onion or two to spice things up.
    I will be glad to cook in the new kitchen at last. As great as the Instant Pot is, it cannot replace something that is prepared the old fashioned way in the oven.
After a short time away from the computer, I realized that tomorrow is the night that we are going to see the new Avengers movie. This shouldn’t affect the overall plan to cook, it will just push things a bit later in the evening. We are going to the early evening session so we won’t be out late. I expect we will be home by 2030 tomorrow evening. Probably too late to eat after cooking, so it will be a decision at that time whether or not to put things off until Thursday.

Dreamer’s World May 08, 2018 – Making A Change

    Since I have written so much about the move to the new apartment, and how much we all love it, I decided that I would go ahead and make another change. I decided that I would update the appearance of my blog.
    I made the decision rather quickly, but I wasn’t rushing things. I chose a light color since the new apartment is full of light and I wanted something more cheerful to match my mood most of the time. Although I can be reflective at times, generally I am always looking for ways to be more positive.
    I hope everyone likes the new theme.

Dreamer’s World March 27, 2018 – Life Without FaceBook Isn’t So Bad After All

    It has been approximately one week since I deleted my FaceBook account. Apparently, I was ahead of a small but growing trend of people who are fed up with the intrusive nature of FaceBook, especially after the discoveries about how personal information was shared without prior knowledge. I think that I deleted my account just before the Cambridge Analytica revelations, my reasons were my own, but the news of the unauthorized sharing of personal data would have made up my mind to do the same thing.
    There was a shock at first. I had to delete the FaceBook app from my phone and computer. It wasn’t due to any great temptation, I found its presence a reminder of why I deleted my account in the first place. I have had a few complications where I linked my FaceBook account to another app for convenience, I am changing those as I run across them. Finding these links reminds me how insidious FaceBook had become even without the illegal release of personal information.
    I had deleted FaceBook once before. I went back to it after a friend of mine died unexpectedly. It turned out to be the most convenient way to keep in touch with his family. As the contact with them slowly ebbed away, I was left with the tidal wave of information that I had no use for. I attempted to create my own space on FaceBook but found it all somewhat overwhelming for a private person like myself. The lack of interaction with other users, particularly people I knew personally, just added to the sense of alienation.
    I made the conscious decision to delete FaceBook and the equally conscious decision not to make it a public declaration on that site. Public renunciations and statements that a user is leaving, followed by a list of grievances, never appealed to me. I realize that some will consider this blog a replacement forum for doing the exact same thing, but this is my platform to write about what I want to write about. There are no personal accusations, intentional or otherwise, for someone to take offense at since reading this requires a little more time and not just an instant “Like.”
    The adjustment to being FaceBook-free once again is quick and painless if you don’t dwell on it. Finding that there is life to live in the real world is more than enough compensation to me. FaceBook just isn’t for me.
    As for the illegal release of personal information, I hope that this is a wake-up call to the public and to social media in general. I urge readers to take the necessary precautions to protect their data and privacy.