Small victories

I was amused to hear about Steve Jobs suffering from the same.quality of shitty service that most of us have had to endure using iPhone on AT&T. Perhaps it will eventually lead to the long overdue decision to make iPhone available to other carriers.

Personally, I left AT&T and iPhone due to lack of service and an even greater lack of customer support. While that comes as no shock at all regarding AT&T, as an Apple customer for nearly 20 years, it truly stunned me that Apple has strayed so far from.its roots of taking care of their customers.

Everyone realizes that Apple has evolved through the years, but as is often the case, they have forgotten that loyalty played a huge part in their own survival. Apple users under the age of 30 hear about the extreme loyalty of Apple customers without realizing that there was a 2-way street and Apple reciprocate by caring about its customers in return.

Under the undeniably brilliant, but Stalin-esque leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple has thrived. Sadly Apple have embraced the traditional cold and heartless approach so prevelant in our culture.

Apple made its mark as the renegade, the outpost of the Freaks and Geeks. Today the only remnant of that are the pastel t-shifted plastic tattooed and pierced clones that hustle you to make a sale at your local Apple store.

So, I am glad that Steve Jobs was embarrassed during his iPhone presentation. Welcome to the real world, Steve.