Dreamer’s World January 6 2016 – Rest And Sleep


     When I returned home after my short business trip this morning, I worked until quitting time. Since today is my early day, that meant I worked until 1530. Once I had finished, I almost immediately went and laid down and within a few minutes I was completely asleep.
     I suppose that this isn’t too surprising since I had a severe bout of insomnia last night. I got only about 2 hours rest and really felt it this morning. Thankfully I was able to complete my tasks for the day before the exhaustion simply became too much for me to handle any longer. I was at the end of my limits and I knew it.
     I woke up and it is almost 2000 in the evening. I had hoped to go out to dinner with Hal (person) this evening since today is our 16th anniversary but that won’t be happening tonight. Hal was also tired because he worked today as well, although he was awake before I was early this evening, he didn’t wake me. I know that one of the things that defines a relationship is understanding and Hal told me that we can celebrate any other evening when I feel more refreshed. I cannot describe how good that made me feel to know that he cares that much about me.
     Therefore, what could have been a post describing a wonderful romantic evening together becomes an even more meaningful post about relationships and caring and love and support. I can live with that.

A Day To Rest

     Today was a day to rest after a fun and interesting Saturday night. Friends took Hal and myself out for a dinner to celebrate our recent 15th anniversary and my upcoming birthday. We had a wonderful dinner with everyone and then most of us went back for movie night at our place.
To make the night even more special, I also heard from a dear friend who called to wish Hal and I a very happy anniversary. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful time with friends.
Now my attention shifts to Monday. I have the day off and am taking advantage to visit the chiropractor in the morning. This will give Hal and I the rest of the day and evening together. Perhaps we will take a day trip somewhere after my appointment. We seldom have time off together, so we try to make the most of instances like this.

Dreamer’s World January 17 2015 – A Good Day

     Today is a special day. Hal and I recently celebrated our 15th anniversary, and my birthday is coming up on Tuesday. Some friends have offered to take us out for dinner this evening and we’re looking forward to it.
Honestly, it doesn’t seem like 15 years have passed since I first met Hal. These have been the happiest years of my life. Through the ups and downs, we have always been there for one another. We have made a life together that we are both very happy with. I wouldn’t change a thing.