Dreamer’s World January 18 2017 – Last Full Workday Of The Week


Today is the last full workday of this week for me. Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment in the afternoon and then I am taking Friday off for my birthday. I hope to get as much done as possible before the end of this day before I go into shutdown mode.

I made my weekly trip to the client’s offices to meet with them and to update the laptop that they provide to me. This is a very informal meeting, and I am grateful for that. I arrived home in time to prepare a lunch for myself before getting into a busy afternoon of preparing my meeting notes for tomorrow morning. In addition I will meet 1-1 with my supervisor since Monday was a holiday, and then I will be shutting down for the evening.

Hal (person) has been looking at more apartments, so it is possible that we could go to see some in person on Friday. I don’t believe that my birthday should be treated as a reverent occasion, if there is something that needs to be done, we should do it while we have the time.

One necessary task will be ti replace the headlight on the Beetle. I noticed it was out last night and I don’t need cops hassling me over something as trivial as this. I am going to drop the Beetle off at the local repair shop this afternoon. I called them and they said it won’t be a problem to take care of it. Since the repair shop is less than a block away, I will probably drive the Beetle over early this afternoon and let them replace the headlight at their leisure. That way, I can pick it up later without any trouble.

Thankfully, the Beetle headlight replacement didn’t take long. Once work was over with I picked up the Beetle and then Hal and I went to check out a few more apartments. We saw two very nice places, but one of them really got to Hal, I could tell. It floored both of us when they said that the DO NOT CHARGE PET RENT!!! Yes, this place has NO PET RENT each month. That has moved this apartment to the top of our prospective list. Sadly, it is still too soon to make the official decision, that will happen in March.

We are home for the evening and I hope to get a good night of rest before starting a short workday tomorrow.

Dreamer’s World January 17 2017 – A Short Week Begins


I am starting this week at work after the MLK holiday. It will be a short one since I am off Thursday afternoon for my chiropractor appointment and then I will attempt to celebrate my birthday on Friday. Friday will be a tough day since it is also the day when the NAZI takes office. I will never dignify him with the title of the office because he is not a legitimate leader.

As for this week, I start with today and I am thankful that there are not a to of meetings. After work, Hal and I might go to the store to stock up on a few items we will need as the week goes on. There is also the UK basketball game tonight vs Mississippi State that begins at 7pm and I will be watching that.

Tomorrow will be my weekly trip to meet with the client. I don’t expect any earth-shattering news from that meeting, and .I will also update my client laptop with the latest software while I am there. Wednesday will also be the day when I prepare things for my weekly meeting on Thursday morning in order to have everything ready ahead of time.

Thursday the only item on the work agenda will be the weekly meeting I just mentioned. Almost immediately after that, I will be leaving work and heading to the chiropractor and my week at work will be complete. Perhaps Hal and I will go out for dinner on Thursday, but we won’t be going anywhere close to DC in order to avoid all of the traffic and road closures.

Friday will be the day that I look forward to on a personal level, but I truly dread the day when I think about our nation. I have pledged to throw a brick through any TV that ruins my day by showing the NAZI rally in DC.

I haven’t asked Hal for anything for my birthday, I don’t need anything except to be together with him and The Stooges. They are the ones who make my life complete. I am hoping that Hal might make spaghetti for the occasion, but I won’t be asking him to. I am hoping that my mood will not ruin the day, I will try my best to not let that happen.

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. Hal just asked me what I wanted for my birthday, son I told him that I wanted spaghetti. I predict a wonderful meal on my birthday!

The question of anyone else attending came up when I talked to Hal. This is an old subject and we didn’t require much time to decide that there is no real need to have any other people involved. Many years ago we were heavily involved with a group of friends and we always celebrated each other’s birthdays. The problems began when people would start to notice that person A received a gift that was “better” than person B would receive from the same gifter. Hal (person) and I grew tired of this juvenile shit very quickly and we announced that we would no longer be involved with the birthdays. We have kept that promise and not surprisingly, most of those “friends” have vanished. I consider this a great thing for us and their loss.

A strange thing happened after I wrote that last paragraph. My cell phone rang, but I didn’t recognize the number. I used the Hiya app to look it up and it belonged to one of the people I had just written about, although not one of the main characters. Since there was no message left, I am not returning the call because I suspect that he was “selected” to attempt to call and try to get the old gang back into our business. A rather sad attempt if you ask me. I do not believe it was a genuine call because he left no message.

Now the afternoon arrives, but at least there aren’t tons of meetings to attend. In face, once I complete a call at 1330 I shouldn’t have any more phone conference calls for the rest of the day.

As for the late afternoon and evening, I know that we will go to the grocery store. I cannot think of anything else that we need to do today.

Dreamer’s World January 17 2017 – Daily Prompt “Invitation”


The Daily Prompt is “Invitation”. A word that signifies welcoming to a stranger or a friend, an opportunity to share something of ourselves with others. “Invitation” speaks of noble motivation and personal comfort that allows this invitation to be offered.

We live in a world where we are becoming more and more isolated each and every single day. We type at strangers, but we seldom talk to them if we see them on the street. We are all guilty of judging someone at first glance and forming our opinion instantly. The trouble with this approach to humanity is that we have already constructed obstacles that are seldom overcome. We justify this with the position that we are protecting ourselves from the unknown, and there is some validity to this point. However, the point has become an open-ended excuse to simply avoid the idea of ever issuing an “invitation” to someone else.

I know that there are people who view an invitation as a formal thing. While we all want to present our best face to someone, I am not a formal person in the sense that an invitation from me requires someone else to go out of their way to prepare for the event. That simply presents another false image of who we are in place of who we truly are.

An “Invitation” should be offered freely. It should not be withdrawn once offered, although if it is refused, that is another story. An “Invitation” is a way of reaching out to other people, and that makes it extremely valuable.

Dreamer’s World January 16 2017 – Honoring MLK


Today has been a day off from work, and a day to remember a great man who gave his life for the cause of Equality and Justice. It is sad to see how many RWNJ NAZIs try to corrupt Dr. King’s message to try and justify their own warped and hate-filled views. However, it is a testament to the legacy of Dr. King and what he stood for that they even attempt to do this in the first place. If Dr. King had not spoken out and become the universal symbol for hope, then they would never dare to mention his name. In that sense, Dr. King has reached his enemies with love rather than hate. All they can do is to try and change his message to suit their own needs and this is always tragically funny and sad.

I believe that is more important than ever to remember what Dr. King said, and what he fought against because the old demons are coming back in full force. We have a NAZI who will become our leader, someone who represents those who always objected to Dr. King’s message of Hope, Love and Equality. It is up to each and every one of US to carry his message forward.

Never forget that Dr. King died for what he believed in. Never forget that Dr. King was MURDERED by those who support the NAZI we face today. We must resist using the example of Dr. King and honor his memory each and every day, not just once a year.

Dreamer’s World January 16 2017 – Daily Prompt “Marathon”


The Daily Prompt is “Marathon”. I find this appropriate for MLK Day because the struggle for equality is a marathon much like the long run that took place in ancient Greece a long time ago.

MLK taught us to see the injustices in our society and to work to overcome those problems. I never recall from my research that he said that it would be easy or quick. Instead, what we face is a long term “marathon” that seems to get longer and longer rather than shorter and shorter. This does NOT lessen or diminish the importance of what Dr. King told us. I believe that he was well aware of the long road ahead.

When President Obama was elected there were many who wanted to proclaim that “we have arrived” and that the long marathon was finally over. Nothing could be further from the truth. The election of President Obama was a milestone, but only one of many that we have to pass on the long marathon journey. It was disconcerting to see so many people simply want to stop and proclaim victory when victory is still a long way ahead of us. It speaks to the element of humanity that seeks to preserve every form of economic and social injustice in the name of “privilege” and “tradition”, those are the people who we still have to struggle against.

Dr. King showed us the path that we have to follow. We still have a long marathon in front of us.