Dreamer’s World March 25 2017 – Daily Prompt is Meaningless

    The Daily Prompt is “Meaningless”. I don’t mean that the way it sounds. I think that the Daily Prompt is an excellent way to improve my writing skills. When I say that the Daily Prompt is “meaningless” I mean that it is the word that I am supposed to focus on as I write this post for someone else to laugh at.

    Everything in our lives has a meaning, therefore “meaningless” is something that doesn’t exist. This is a nice round way to think about things because if everything matters, then one wonders why we reall need a word to describe something that isn’t even there in the first place.

Dreamer’s World March 25, 2017 – A Beautiful Saturday

    This morning makes me believe in Spring. It is already 70 degrees outside and expected to get to almost 80 this afternoon. I am enjoying the day here at home while Hal (person) is at work. I am also waiting on some packages to arrive at some point as well. A guitar case and an in-line device that will allow me to connect the electric guitar directly to my iPad in order to use some of the software apps to help my practice sessions go along more smoothly and give me a wide variety of effects that I can apply to the sound from the guitar.

    It is also worth noting that we will have the keys to the new apartment in 4 weeks and will probably be spending that day moving some smaller items in as we will have the movers here at the old place on 24 April, which is 4 weeks from Monday. I have mentioned before that I cannot wait to get the move over with so Hal, myself and The Stooges can get on with the next chapter in our lives. I have managed my vacation time so that I can take all week off when we move and not have to worry about work during that time. Honestly, I believe that the fire trucks are going by here more often just to irritate me. It is a noise that I will NOT MISS once we are away from here.

    Today also marks 3 weeks without a cigarette. I feel much better and the vaping does help with the behavioral aspects of quitting. I suspect that I will be vaping for some time to make completely certain that I don’t start smoking again. I did that for far too many years and I wish I had quit sooner. I did try at several points, but something always happened and I started up again. The next personal improvement goal I have is to lose weight and get into better shape overall.

    It is one of those days without the TV on. I am listening to music as my fingers fly across the keyboard this morning. I cherish the quiet times like this when I can admire the sleeping Stooges and know that they are happy and safe. Lunch is an afterthought today, I am not terribly hungry right now and my BG is not running low. If that happens, I will get something to eat right away.

    I can take my time and adjust my routine to writing in MS Word on the Surface Pro as I enjoy things here. I decided to switch platforms and slow down how much I post to Blogger at the same time. I get 99% of my feedback through WordPress, so it makes more sense to focus more on it than on Blogger in the future.