Dreamer’s World February 15 2016 – Reflection


I am in a reflective mood again today. As I watch the snow falling outside the window I think back to my childhood years. Back then, snow was something to enjoy. There were snowball fights and sledding to look forward to. I couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy the crisp, cold air and the wonderful snow that made things so unbelievably quiet.
     Now, I really dread snow. I work from home, so I don’t have to get out and drive in it and I am extremely thankful for that.

Dreamer’s World February 15 2016 – A Snowy Day Off



Today is a holiday so I am spending it at home with Hal (person) and The Stooges. It is always a good idea to not plan things out for these Monday holidays because it takes away the freedom of choice and serendipity and puts you on a schedule. I thought that a holiday was all about NOT having to conform to a schedule for a change.
     It looks like we will get more snow than was predicted. Estimates now call for 3-6” of the white shit before it turns to rain tonight. I am sure this will make tomorrow morning’s rush hour a disaster for those who have to commute. Luckily, I work from home and will miss out on all that fun. By tomorrow, the temperature should be in the 50s and hopefully between that and the rain it will melt all of the snow.
     Any plans for going out today have been effectively squashed. There is nothing that we need to do so badly that we would risk being on the roads with the lunatic drivers around here. The main road outside the apartment complex is almost deserted right now to prove a point, even though there have been multiple snow plows out and about this morning.
     I will write more throughout the day, but the morning post is done for now.

Dreamer’s World February 14 2016 – Enjoying The Quiet

I am so glad that the writing bug is back! I spent the last week or so wondering why I could not find the time and the interest to write. Today that seems to be in the past, I am invigorated once again and ready to write. I can think of very few things that make me feel better than knowing that I can finally declare my latest attack of writer’s block over with. I am waiting for Hal (person) to get home from work now at 1530 in the afternoon. He should be here soon. I suppose that there is always a chance that we will go somewhere for a nice dinner, but we don’t need to get caught up in all the Valentine’s Day “special” dinners. That always means extra high prices on everything.
After Hal (person) arrived home, it was decided that we were not going anywhere this evening. It is a good night to stay home and relax with The Stooges. The bad weather is not forecast to arrive until around midnight, but it won’t matter since we are at home.
It is 2200 and the snow is about 30 miles from here and closing in on us. No doubt tomorrow morning will be an adventure for those who have to be out in it. As for me, I am dafe and warm with the man and the pets I love, so I will wish everyone a good night and a better tomorrow.