Dreamer’s World January 13 2017 – Contentment


It is very easy to get all caught up in the material world. Every single day we are bombarded by advertisements that seek to portray us as inadequate human beings if we don’t have the “latest and greatest’ of everything that is available. The question of need is never addressed because the goal is to sell, sell SELL regardless.

I think that another more important question is whether or not we are content with what we already have. It is so easy to look at the latest tech toy and think that it would be nice to have. I always stop at that point and try to rationalize why I think I need it. I have learned a nice trick to getting out of that predicament that I would like to share.

If we imagine that we are already living at our capacity and have no more room, that is to say that we have what we need, then the question becomes “what would this new item replace?” A new laptop seems like a nice investment, but what about the one that I already have? Is it still working? Is there any reason that I cannot use it any longer? Am I willing to part with it if I chose to purchase a new laptop? If the question to these answers is that I already have one that works, it does everything that I need it to do, and to throw it away to make room for a new one would be incredibly wasteful to say the least.

I think that we need to ask those questions more often in our lives. It gives us a sense of perspective and truly defines the glaring difference between “need” and “want”. Contentment is a frame of mind as well as a physical level. It is the place where we live when we want to escape the outside world for awhile. We don’t need commercialization or greed in our place of comfort.

Dreamer’s World January 12 2017 – Daily Prompt – “Someday”


The Daily Prompt is “Someday”. I like this as an idea because it gives me a sense of hope. Life isn’t always fair or easy, that is an understatement, but the concept of “someday” gives me a goal to work towards. “Someday” things will be better is more useful than saying that “Next Tuesday” things will be better.

“Someday” gives us an objective to reach for. While not specific, it has the advantage of allowing the goals to be adjusted through time. It is the lack of that specific timeline that gives us the freedom to work towards a goal in different ways.

Because I am a Type B personality, I prefer the open-ended goal over a specific objective. To plan to meet a specific objective means that every eventuality has to be planned for and that is impossible. A “someday” goal needs the flexibility to adjust as circumstances dictate. Life is all about being flexible and adaptable.

Dreamer’s World January 11 2017 – The Search For A New Apartment


The middle of the week has arrived. A longer than normal trip to the weekly meeting with the client, I am left with less time to get things done. This necessitates reorganizing my priorities for the afternoon and also for tomorrow morning. Thankfully I am still ahead of things and this won’t be a terrible inconvenience.

Hal (person) and I looked at another apartment late yesterday afternoon. I think that Hal really liked this one, and it might be at or near the top of the list as of today. It was convenient to everything in the area that we are looking to move to, and isn’t quite as far outside the Beltway as some of the others that he has liked. It is on bus routes that can take us to the nearest Metro station. The management company is one that we trust because we lived at one of their properties for 9 years.

The apartment had an open kitchen and also had a glass-top stove which is very rare in apartments for the price we are looking for. There would be plenty of cabinet space in the kitchen along with a small pantry, so that is a bonus. The apartment has a full-size washer and dryer which is another huge plus for both of us because it cuts down on the number of times we would have to do laundry.

Finally, the bedrooms were much larger than the ones we have now. This means that I can comfortably put the computer desk in one of the bedrooms and not have everything else shoved against walls in order to have any room at all. If Hal (person) decides that this is the apartment community that he wants to move to, I am all in favor of it. The rent will be substantially lower than what we are paying now, and the only thing that we will lose is the underground parking. I think that we are both willing to make that sacrifice.

I am really ready to make a decision on which apartments to consider for the final cut. All of the details from places seem to run together after all of the places we have seen. Even though the move itself won’t happen until May, I am ready to be done with the searching. All I can do is wait until Hal makes his decision.

Dreamer’s World January 11 2017 – Daily Prompt “Cling”


The Daily Prompt is “Cling”. An interesting one to be sure.

When I hear the word “cling” it always brings up unpleasant images. Socks clinging to each other because someone forgot to put the fabric softener sheets in the dryer. A child, or childish person refusing to let go of something that is no longer necessary or needed. A person clinging to another person in a failed relationship. These are the images that I see immediately.

I have to think about some positive connotation to the word “cling”. Longing for a loved one that has passed away is a form of clinging that isn’t always bad, it is a reminder of love that is lost. I don’t see remembering as a bad thing, but it can become one if we let ourselves get too carried away.

Judging from what I have written so far, my impression of the word “cling” is very negative because it implies something that is holding us back. I often say that the only direction to look in is ahead of us and clinging to something for too long impedes that progress.

Dreamer’s World January 10 2017 – Preparation Pays


When I was desperately ill last month I was trying to struggle with keeping up with work. I always try to stay a bit ahead on things, but feeling as awful as I did, I was afraid that I was falling behind. Today I will meet with my supervisor to review one of my ongoing projects. I was fearful when I began work this morning because I thought that the project was behind schedule due to my absence. Since I am the only person responsible for this project, the blame will rest entirely on me.

Imagine my surprise when I began filtering through my OneNote sections and found that I already had taken care of much more than I had ever thought possible. Most of the work was done prior to my illness when I had a few spare minutes here and there. I am no longer fearful about the meeting this afternoon.

The lesson from this is that when we take the time to plan ahead, even a little bit, it always ends up being a great thing. The pressure is not nearly as great as I thought it would be and that is because of the work that I had already put in when I had the extra time to do so. My day is already much better than expected.

I talked with Hal (person) and we will probably go to look at another apartment after I finish work this afternoon. The time frame for making a decision is still about 2 months away so we have plenty of time to get this decision right.


Dreamer’s World January 10 2017 – Daily Prompt “Uneven”


The Daily Prompt is “Uneven”. I think that the prompt could just as easily have been called “Life” because “Uneven” is the perfect description of how we move through our lives from one day to the next. It is seldom a smooth trip, there are always issues and complications to deal with that keep us from living an “Even” life.

The “Uneven” quality is what actually makes life worth living. Without the struggles we would not grow. Without the triumphs, we would not be able to get through the down times. It is the yin and yang of the Universe and we are all caught in the eternal struggle between up and down. I think that when we step back from time to time and look at our lives, we realize that we are always on an upward trend. The latest pitfall might seem awful, but compared to the ones that we have already overcome, we know that we will get through.

Dreamer’s World January 9 2017 – Starting Over With Music.


This is the second attempt at my daily blog post. The first one ran off the tracks at some point and I didn’t feel like going through the mangled wreckage to salvage anything from it. Sometimes writing is like this for me, grand ideas drown in a sea of minute fragments of nonsense. Sadly, it is usually far too late when I realize that this is happening until it is too late.

Normally, when these things happen I just concentrate on work projects and turn on some music in order to get my mind focused on things. Music actually helps me to concentrate rather than being a distraction. Setting my tunes on random play, or just using the random feature on Spotify always does the trick. One of the things that I find myself focusing on without even trying is listening to the guitar parts in songs since I am slowly learning to play the guitar myself.

My writing is incredibly important to me. It might not raise an eyebrow from anyone, but that isn’t why I write at all. I write to scratch some internal itch in my mind that I cannot soothe any other way. It is a wonderful experience when things come out well, and an awful one when I cannot get the words to make sense. I find that it helps me to write something when the urge strikes, even if it is just a little bit, so I can go back to it later in the day.

As for today, I am working and planning my trip to the grocery store immediately after work. It will be a quick trip for necessities, nothing more. I would love to cook this week, but that requires a few things to be picked up this afternoon. Some drinks, ingredients for a casserole, perhaps something for sandwiches as well. I just put some chicken breasts in marinade to defrost so they will be ready to cook tomorrow. With that done, there is still the matter of what to make for dinner this evening. Of course, there is always the possibility that we can grab something while we are out for this evening. There is a Subway located near the grocery store as an option.

One aspect of cooking is that I am getting tired of the small kitchen in our apartment. I will be very glad once we move because one of the criteria for a new place is a larger kitchen with more storage space and counter space. The kitchen we have now is simply too small to get anything done.

I am not really expecting to watch the CFB game tonight. I am tired of college football already and neither of the teams are on my list of favorites. I will be watching UK basketball tomorrow night, however, because that is always important to me.

For some reason, I sense that tomorrow will be a very busy day. I hope that I sleep well tonight to be ready for whatever comes my way.

Of course, I was tempted into watching the Clemson-Alabama game which ended after midnight. I am very happy that Clemson won!