Dreamer’s World February 8 2017 – Daily Prompt “Heard”


The Daily Prompt is “Heard”. I do not think that this is the same as listening, because listening requires concentration and effort and focus. When someone says they “heard” something, it doesn’t carry the same importance to me. “Heard” implies a very tenuous understanding that is based on the person who “heard” rather than a clear and concise meaning with listened.

“Heard” is a conditional statement in my mind and is always greeted with a certain degree of skepticism and doubt. I am not a bad person, but I have learned that “heard” is not the best thing to base an opinion or base an action upon.

Dreamer’s World February 7 2017 – A Warm Tuesday


Tuesday is here. One of the things that I am adjusting to is the new computer equipment that my company provided to me recently. I finally had some time to set things up last night and this morning I have a 23” monitor connected to my Surface Pro 4 which makes for a big difference in how I see things as I work. I am no longer squinting at a small 12” screen and the difference is amazing. THe best part is that there is ANOTHER 23” monitor that I still have to connect. I purchased a dual-monitor adjustable arm set from Amazon and now I feel like a real BOSS at work! I will get some pics of the setup once everything is complete to share with everyone.

In other news, Hal wants to take another look at an apartment that we both liked, as well as one other at the same community. We will do this after work today and perhaps it will help to narrow the search even further. All of the effort we put in now will make the final decision so much easier when the time arrives.

At the end of this adventure after work, I want to watch the UK basketball game before going to bed, hopefully at a reasonable hour.


Dreamer’s World February 7 2017 – Daily Prompt “Tremble”


The Daily Prompt is “Tremble”. A manifestation of several possible emotions. We can “tremble” in fear, or in anticipation. To “tremble” is to recognize that something is about to happen to us, and we can either dread the prospect or look forward to it. There is no choice in the matter because to “tremble” is to recognize a truly primal instinct that we mostly conquered a long time ago.

Dreamer’s World February 6 2017 – A Day That I Always Pause To Remember


Every year on this date, I pause to remember my Mother on what would have been her 92nd birthday this year. Mom died in 2001 and she still is with me whenever I reach out for her. She had an amazing spirit and was a remarkable woman. I wish that she was still here, but I know that she is at rest. The last year of her life was very hard physically, it wore her out. When I put things into perspective, I cannot wish that she was still here, but I have not forgotten her and I hope that I never will.

Mom was born in 1925 and was orphaned at an early age. Thankfully she was adopted by a loving family that raised and cared for her until she reached adulthood. She married my Dad and thought the world of him. I was even born on Dad’s birthday since Mom wanted to give him something special.

Mom was a loving person regardless of who you were. As a room mother in elementary school she was the first to hug each and every one of the children, black or white, they all got the same full-body hug from her. I have heard people I went to elementary school tell me how much they remember her, so it is obvious that she left a mark on so many people.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I will always remember you.


Dreamer’s World February 5 2017 – Big Game, Big Deal


Sunday is here. While everyone else is excited about the Big Game, I am indifferent about it. There are fans of the two teams involved and I accept that their interest is genuine, but I truly despise the people who want to turn the Big Game into an event for no real reason. There are those who will carefully deconstruct every second of the ridiculous commercials, and there are those who will critique the halftime show. I do not fall into either of these categories.

The Big Game is nothing more than a celebration of excess. The endless pregame shows bore me to tears. The interviews with any person who happens to be near a camera make me reach for the vomit bag, and the halftime show is when I take a nice, long, leisurely shit so I don’t have to watch it.

I am taking things easy today while Hal (person) is at work. I might go out for a little while and shop, but I don’t expect to buy anything.

The evening is here and I have not watched a single minute of the Big Game. I am too busy enjoying music and reading and writing to miss the game. I will see the score either later tonight or tomorrow morning. I might just go to bed early tonight since I am in such a good mood.