Dreamer’ World March 17 2016 – March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and 5 Choices











March Madness officially starts today. I am fortunate enough to work from home and can tune in to the games when they start at lunchtime. I will be paying attention to early games,but Kentucky doesn’t play until nearly 2200 this evening. I truly hate late games, but at least this gives me the reason to stay up and interested in the late games.
Today is also St. Patrick’s Day but I will be foregoing the green beer in order to enjoy the basketball. I did remember to wear something green for today so I am safe from the old pinching thing unless Hal (person) feels frisky today.
Today and tomorrow should be rather slow at work. I am ahead of things once again and that really helps. I plan to take some time this weekend to go over the 5 Choices book that I finally received today. I am going to try to implement the lessons into my daily life and career as much as I can. I need more control over the clutter and noise in my life when it comes to work. Getting ahead of things is not the same as properly managing them on a daily basis. There are days that I feel completely exhausted by the end of the day, and I am tired of that.
Speaking of tired, I slept last night, but woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted before the workday even begins. This isn’t the way I wanted to start the day, but there is nothing I can do about it right now except to muscle through it.
I have managed to get through until lunchtime without too much difficulty. The games have started and I am keeping track of them as I work and attend meetings this afternoon. I suspect that the afternoon will be relatively quiet. It also gives me time to work with a pleasant distraction for a few minutes each hour.
I am also planning out the evening. For once, I will be the one that will NOT be interested in going anywhere after work due to the games this evening. I will still get all my steps in today and that will be finished by the time the Kentucky game starts late this evening. I will probably order something for delivery as dinner this evening.
Right now I am enduring the last meeting that I have been roped into for today. Sadly, there are people who love the sound of their own voice during conference calls, and they think that everyone else loves hearing them as well. This is NEVER the case! Once it is over with, my day resumes with normal work until 1730. I am looking forward to the end of this day here at work.
I did place my Amazon order today to get the 5 Choices book from Franklin Covey. I am currently taking the course through my company, but they were unable to procure enough of the books in time. I will use the book in the future, so I consider it a good investment. Until the book arrives, I will make do with printouts provided from the company.
At least the meetings are over with for today. I will take a few minutes to get more steps in before quitting time and dinner. This is the worst time of the day, that nebulous time in the late afternoon when nothing is going on and motivation is sliding.
I managed to get through the day at work. Dinner is still under consideration because I don’t want to spend a lot of money so I might throw something together here at home since the weekend is coming up soon.
It looks like we will go to the store to get some cat food after work since we don’t want The Stooges to go hungry. Perhaps I will get something from Subway to bring home for the evening. I am waiting for Hal (person) to get through with his shower so we can head out in just a few minutes. The workday is finally over with, and I am tremendously glad about that. The basketball games continue and I am waiting anxiously for the Kentucky game late this evening.

Dreamer’s World March 14 2016


Today has been a day for both rest and for getting things done around here. This morning, I went to my Chiropractor for my monthly visit and I feel tremendously better as a result. After that, and the trip back home, I rested for awhile. Hal (person) had gone into DC to celebrate a friend’s birthday over lunch, so I had some time to myself for the afternoon.
I decided that I am taking a break from the 16,000 steps today as my back adjusts to feeling normal once again. I will start the routine up again tomorrow. I feel so relaxed this evening, I hope to get to bed early and have a great night of sleep. My writing will get into high gear again by tomorrow, I am sure.