Dreamer’s World February 16 2017 – Take Time To Live and Love


Thursday is here at last. This means that I am working until 1200 and then I am off to see the chiropractor this afternoon. I always feel better after the adjustments to my neck and shoulders and I hope that today will be no exception. I realize that as I get older I fall into disrepair more often, and that is never a comforting thought to have.

At times like this, I look to the world around me for answers to the questions that haunt me. More often than not, the answer is sitting right here in front of me and I don’t have to look that far. In this instance I found my answer and inspiration in Hal The Cat


I look at those eyes and I realize that the world isn’t going to end and that I am loved regardless of all my faults. It is very important that we all find the people, pets, and things in the world around us that prove we are loved and supported. We often take these people, pets and things for granted and that is something that we should always try to avoid. Kiss your loved ones, scratch a cat behind the ears, take a walk and admire the scenery. Life will still be there when you get back.


Dreamer’s World February 15 2017 – Exhausted Again


Once again, I am totally exhausted. I am not sure what the cause of this is, but I am hoping against hope that I can get some quality sleep tonight. Sadly, immediately after work this afternoon Hal and I have to go to Costco and then to the pet store before settling down for the evening. I want to try to get to bed early tonight because I will be busy with a half-day tomorrow before going to the chiropractor in the afternoon.

I honestly think that this apartment and the air in it is beginning to affect me. When I think back through the day, I woke up feeling like crap but when I had to go out for a meeting with the client this morning I began to feel better. When I returned home to continue my workday around lunchtime I found that within an hour I felt like shit all over again. Just about 9 more weeks in this place before we move out.

I want to be certain that the cable and internet are set up as soon as possible in the new apartment so I can start working from there right away and not have to worry about being stuck here one more day than is absolutely necessary.

Dreamer’s World February 15 2017 – Daily Prompt “Sound”


The Daily Prompt is “Sound”. I think of “sound” and instantly think of music. My life would be terrible without music. With the notable exceptions of Country and Opera, I will listen to almost anything to give it a try. Music is such an integral part of my life. I am still working on learning the guitar and I want to become semi-proficient on it within a year.

Dreamer’s World February 14 2017 – “Out Like Flynn” Keep The Pressure On The Nazi #RESIST



Last night Michael Flynn “resigned” his post as White House National Security Advisor to the Nazi in the White House. This is great news because it proves that pressure unhinges the Nazi and his sycophants as well as gives people a point of leverage to gain even more information about the dysfunctional Nazi as the investigation into the whole Flynn affair.

I have my own doubts that the Congress will lead these investigations because it is controlled by RWNJ sycophants loyal to the Nazi. For them to cooperate in uncovering the TRUTH about this corruption and incompetence would actually mean revealing their own complicity in the mess. If RWNJ know anything, it is how to avoid taking responsibility for their own shit.

Flynn lied about having ties to Russia. The Nazi has also lied about his ties to Russia. Over the weekend while in Florida, the Nazi revealed his total contempt for everything by openly handling and discussing classified materiel in front of people who have no security clearance whatsoever. Personal cell phones were used as a part of this process, and that is a big violation of protocol. If the Nazi has any basic understanding of the office (and he clearly doesn’t) he would have handled the situation like even W had the common sense to do and that is to keep it out of the public view.

Personally, I believe that this incident dwarfs whatever fake or “alternative facts” information that the RWNJ used to successfully smear Clinton with over and over. I call on those same RWNJ to now demand a full investigation into this corrupt Nazi regime. Once again, we all know that this won’t happen for the reasons mentioned before.

It is up to the PEOPLE of this nation to continue to RESIST this Nazi, and to continue to uncover the TRUTH about the corruption and incompetence until the whole fucking rotten Nazi administration collapses!

Remember that now our focus goes to those who FAILED this country and neglected to perform their due diligence in vetting Flynn. This will inevitably lead to the Nazi in the White House. #RESIST


Dreamer’s World February 14 2017 – Daily Prompt “Expectation”


The Daily Prompt is “Expectation”. Something that is not unreasonable for most of us. The basic level of interaction that one should hope for without placing unrealistic goals on something.

My “Expectation” is that someone who has become President Of The United States would KNOW HIS ASS FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND. However, our current Nazi in the White House has added the word “Unrealistic” in front of the daily prompt of “Expectation”.