Immigrant children forcibly drugged with ‘powerful’ psychotropics at Texas ‘treatment center’: lawsuit

In a new lawsuit, immigrant children detained at a government-funded facility in Texas described being forcibly drugged with psychotropic medicines that made them dizzy and unable to walk. Reveal reported Wednesday that minors held at the Shiloh Treatment Center in Manvel, Texas — described in its Google+ listing as a “baby gulag” — were physically abused and given shots of  “powerful” psychiatric medications that “rendered them unable to walk, afraid of people and wanting to sleep …

Source: Immigrant children forcibly drugged with ‘powerful’ psychotropics at Texas ‘treatment center’: lawsuit

Hear The Children’s Cries As They Are Separated From Parents Seeking Asylum At US SW Border

Gronda Morin

Thanks to the media outlet Propublica, we have access to the above video. Please be aware that the sound of the children’s wailing as they are being separated from their parents seeking asylum at the US southwest border, are heartbreaking.

This is a new protocol that was started with President Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions with his April 6, 2018 memo. As per Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the president can end this practice of separating children from the parents with one phone call. Telling the migrants to apply for asylum at the US designated points of entry is not a realistic direction as most peoples are being turned away. There are stories about peoples waiting weeks to gain entry.

As per international law, it is NOT illegal for peoples fleeing danger, persecution, war like circumstances, to ask for asylum.

Any other republican talking point other than the above…

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Dreamer’s World June 16, 2018 – A New Addition To The Neighborhood

I decided to try out Frito Chicken in Centreville for lunch while Hal was at work today. I was alerted to this place via Yelp, so I made up my mind to check it out.

The place wasn’t busy when I stopped in, in fact, I was the only customer, but that gives me the chance to soak up the atmosphere of the place. It is spotless, and that is a huge plus in my book.

The prices are very reasonable. The main thing that sets this place apart is that they prepare the chicken after you place your order. This means a short wait, but you’re getting fresh food.

Some people might not think that waiting for chicken at a fast-food joint is worth the effort, but I can tell you that the food was delicious and well worth the wait.

I stopped in again with Hal the way home from picking him up and he loves the place as well. We will be going back.