Kindness Journey – Day 52 – Tough Choices

Life often presents us with tough choices. Sometimes, there doesn’t seem to be a right choice, and sometimes doing nothing at all might be correct.

Kindness is also a series of choices that we make, with Kindness as the desired outcome. I am still new to the Kindness approach to life, and I still have a lot to learn. The recent mass shootings have made me re-examine my embrace of Kindness. I still cannot bring myself to offer or feel Kindness toward the perpetrators of those horrific crimes, but I wonder if anyone else can?

Taking a life isn’t something that can be instantly forgiven. It is also extremely difficult to extend Kindness to the criminal when my heart says that Kindness should be reserved for the victims and their families.

Kindness can make me a better person, but I didn’t start this journey with the intention of becoming a Saint. Perhaps as I grow along this Kindness Journey, I might be able to think kindly towards Ed’s the monsters in the world. Until then I make the tough choice to send my Kindness to the victims instead. They are far more deserving of Kindness, Comfort, and Compassion.

All Men are Created Equal….

Unless you’re a woman. Unless you don’t own property. Unless you’re non-white. Unless you fit an extremely narrow category.

That is what a LITERAL interpretation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution actually means. Is that what you really want?

Don’t get me wrong. I think that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two of the greatest documents ever written. But we need to understand them for ourselves, not let someone else try to interpret them for us.

Simply put, the Declaration of Independence was a list of grievances against the British government and Crown. It laid out the reasons for the creation of a new nation, independent of the old.

The Constitution was, and still is, the framework for our system of government. It came about after a failed attempt at complete autonomy for each of the original 13 states. This proved unworkable, and people realized a change was needed.

Thankfully, the Constitution is a document that can be changed via Amendments. The only people who don’t want change to the Constitution are those who fear change and progress.

Never trust anyone who wants to keep things the way they are.

Kindness Journey – Day 51 – Fireworks

Personally, I’ve never quite understood the fascination with fireworks on the 4th of July. Honestly, the noise starts with individuals days before the 4th itself, and these are the most disruptive noises of all.

Kindness should extend to our pets and animal friends. I doubt that the people shooting off fireworks ever stop to think how the noise frightens and disorientates animals, who often have much more sensitive hearing than we do.

I’ve watched dogs cower in fear while fireworks are going off. They are genuinely terrified. Cats also get upset, but they don’t respond as viscerally as dogs. Cats tense up and will sometimes shake from fear. Cats become extremely agitated and will react if touched because all of their senses are in heightened alert.

Please show sone Kindness to our animal friends and keep them away from fireworks.