Children Of The Corn

“Children of the Corn” was an awful 1980s film about children taking over and murdering their parents and then living undiscovered until some naive travelers accidentally stumbled into town with car trouble.

2020 version of “Children of the Corn” involves the Democratic Party in the state of Iowa. Apparently they are incapable of holding their own weird and warped political caucuses without adult supervision. “Technical Inconsistencies” is a meaningless phrase. If the computer systems were hacked, then say so. That would be a criminal act. If the computer systems were not hacked, then say so. That would be criminal stupidity.

I hate the American Nazis and their leader Der RumpenFuhrer with every fiber of my body. I despair that he and his Nazi hordes will win again because the “opposition” party is either criminally negligent or criminally stupid. I have my own special brand of hatred for the Democrats because they lack that essential element of courage. They are afraid to confront the Nazis, in fact, they refuse to invoke the name of Nazis when referring to Trump and his ilk even though the statement that Trump and the RepubliKKKan party are Nazis is true.

Bullies are dealt with by responding directly and forcefully to their threats. Punching them in the mouth shuts them up 99% of the time. Punching them in the mouth a second time covers the other 1%.

Learn a lesson, Democrats. Quit being pussies, get your shit together and fight. Otherwise, get out of the way so the people can fight back against the Nazis.

Dreamer’s World February 14 2017 – “Out Like Flynn” Keep The Pressure On The Nazi #RESIST



Last night Michael Flynn “resigned” his post as White House National Security Advisor to the Nazi in the White House. This is great news because it proves that pressure unhinges the Nazi and his sycophants as well as gives people a point of leverage to gain even more information about the dysfunctional Nazi as the investigation into the whole Flynn affair.

I have my own doubts that the Congress will lead these investigations because it is controlled by RWNJ sycophants loyal to the Nazi. For them to cooperate in uncovering the TRUTH about this corruption and incompetence would actually mean revealing their own complicity in the mess. If RWNJ know anything, it is how to avoid taking responsibility for their own shit.

Flynn lied about having ties to Russia. The Nazi has also lied about his ties to Russia. Over the weekend while in Florida, the Nazi revealed his total contempt for everything by openly handling and discussing classified materiel in front of people who have no security clearance whatsoever. Personal cell phones were used as a part of this process, and that is a big violation of protocol. If the Nazi has any basic understanding of the office (and he clearly doesn’t) he would have handled the situation like even W had the common sense to do and that is to keep it out of the public view.

Personally, I believe that this incident dwarfs whatever fake or “alternative facts” information that the RWNJ used to successfully smear Clinton with over and over. I call on those same RWNJ to now demand a full investigation into this corrupt Nazi regime. Once again, we all know that this won’t happen for the reasons mentioned before.

It is up to the PEOPLE of this nation to continue to RESIST this Nazi, and to continue to uncover the TRUTH about the corruption and incompetence until the whole fucking rotten Nazi administration collapses!

Remember that now our focus goes to those who FAILED this country and neglected to perform their due diligence in vetting Flynn. This will inevitably lead to the Nazi in the White House. #RESIST