DDP Yoga Day 4 – A Day Off

Today marks the 4th day of my DDP Yoga journey. According to the workout plan, today is also my first day off. I took the time this morning to sleep in for 30 minutes before hitting the shower. I wrote yesterday about not expecting too much too fast, and that remains true today. I will take this journey one step, one day, at a time and see where I end up.
I know already that one thing I will have to stop thinking about is my weight. I know instinctively that as I get into better shape that my weight will stop going down because muscle weighs more than fat. I find it impossible to achieve both weight loss and getting stronger at the same time. Therefore I am tracking my weight, but not stressing over it, especially this early in the program.
I am more interested in feeling stronger and healthier. I want to take long walks without having to stop for a break. I want to feel better in the morning when I wake up. I want to modify my body to alleviate aches and pains that are part of getting older. I want to feel less neck pain each day and to have less pain in my shoulders.
All of these goals are what I hope to achieve during thie journey and I hope that DDP Yoga will help me get there and have some fun along the way.

DDP Yoga Day 3

The DDP Yoga day 3 workout is over with. According to the plan, I get a day off tomorrow. On Friday I will start the next routine and continue it for several days as my journey continues. I feel even more stretched today after the workout, so change is happening slowly.

I haven’t told Hal about the DDP Yoga yet. I am hoping that he will notice a difference before he finds out what I am doing, but I’m not going to any great lengths to hide it from him because that is too much trouble to put up with. I just hope that the results are something that Hal will see and appreciate.

DDPY Day 2

I woke up this morning and was inspired to begin day 2 of the DDP Yoga plan. I was surprised that the workout was a repeat of yesterday, but I did elect to start slowly. I repeated the exercises from yesterday and I suppose I was able to increase my mobility to some small degree. I am not disappointed with the morning workout session, just a bit surprised.
Once again, I felt the difference wen I was in the shower and stretched to clean myself off. The sensation wasn’t as noticeable this morning, and I attribute that to the gentle degree of stretching that I did yesterday. I believe that I will repeat the same set of exercises tomorrow morning and then I will move on to the next set. I realize that this is a long-term process and I cannot be impatient if I want this to work for me.
I will continue the recommended workouts tomorrow. Until then, Be Kind to one another…..

The Change Is Starting

I am taking a big chance with this blog post. After writing “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes” yesterday I knew that I had put myself on notice that there would be no turning back. This morning the Change began.

I started the DDP Yoga exercises this morning. I deliberately chose to start at the lowest level because I am out of shape and I do not want to start this program only to get discouraged and quit like I have with so many other attempts to get in shape over the last 20 years.
I truly want this program to work. The first thing that I had to do was to wake up this morning and just start the first exercise set. I initially felt the pangs of hesitation when I shook the sleep out of my eyes. There was that inner voice that kept trying to tell me that I was too tired, and that I could always start the program tomorrow without hurting my motivation. If I listened to that voice again, everything I wrote about would have been wasted.
I got myself up and moving and then started the first course. This could be done in bed and involved some deep breathing and stretches. The exercises were not that difficult, and I took this as a good sign about my decision to start slowly. The workout lasted approximately 22 minutes and then I headed for the shower.
When I got the hot water running over my body, I began to feel the twinges from the workout. Nothing major, and nothing unpleasant, just a reminder from parts of my body that have been neglected for far too long that they are still here. It was almost like a Thank You from those muscles for remembering them.
I am writing this to maintain my motivation. I will add to it each day to keep myself focused on what is important, and that is getting my life back and getting myself into shape.


David Bowie wrote the following lyrics in 1971.

Turn and face the strange
Don’t want to be a richer man
Turn and face the strange
There’s gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

I have heard the song literally a thousand times through the Golden Years (sorry, I couldn’t resist that one), and the lyrics always made me think about what Bowie was actually saying. I’m still no closer to any deep cosmic meaning behind the words today, but those words do give me pause.

I am making a big decision in my life very soon. It isn’t one that comes easily, but I have always heard that the best things are seldom easy, especially in the beginning. I am making promises to myself that I desperately want to keep. I’m not sure of any particular reason why this is happening to me now, as opposed to any other day in my life, but that is what makes life fascinating.

Before there is any mistaken interpretation, the decision and the resulting change will be positive, and should benefit everything else in my life. That includes building an even stronger relationship with Hal. I’m excited and nervous and a little scared all at the same time. Things won’t happen in a day, it will be a long process for me. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Be Kind to one another

Gray and Green

Sometimes inspiration comes in a flash. I thought about the combination of colors when I looked at some of out plants this morning. All of a sudden, I was struck by the simple beauty produced by the perfectly normal combination of gray and green. These are two colors that we normally don’t think of as going together well, but I think that these pictures prove otherwise.

The light is one of the key factors that makes this combination so beautiful to me. Whether you see this from the side which produces a darker appearance, or from head on with the gray light streaming in through the window, the effects are striking. While everyone lives the blue sky with green plants pictures, we all know that there are gray days that have to be endured as well, so why not try to find the beauty that is inherent in all things?

Eventually, the sun will come back out, or night will arrive and another day will start tomorrow. Either way, there is beauty to be seen and enjoyed.

Be safe, and be Kind to each other

Another Dreary Day

My image for today sums up how I try to approach life, especially in difficult times like these. I try to remember how lucky I am to be accustomed to working from home after years of doing so while everyone else is struggling to make the adjustment, or worse yet, is out of work due to the Coronavirus situation. I feel for those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own because I fear that the capitalist owners of those businesses will land on their own feet, but will let their employees go with no concern at all.

I try to remember to be thankful for Hal (person) and The Stooges because they are the family that I have. I would not want anyone else to share my life with, honestly. It took far too many years to find Hal and then The Stooges, so there is no way I am ever letting go of them.

I try to remember to be thankful for all the little things in life each day. Yesterday at the new pharmacy, they refilled one of my prescriptions and told me that they had found a coupon and applied it to the cost, so it came out to $0.00 and I was stunned. That was something that they did not have to do, but it was appreciated and I will try to play that favor forward to someone in the near future. I believe that far too often we get so caught up in our own problems that we forget to think of others. It feels good to do something nice for someone else.

I try to remember to get some exercise in each day after all the sitting around at work on the computer. Taking a walk around the new neighborhood, even with social distancing, is a great way to get some exercise and to get more familiar with where we now live. We have met some of the neighbors, from 6 feet away or greater naturally, but it still is nice to find new friends.

I try to remember to write something each day. Obviously, there are days when this is easier than others. One of the joys and frustrations of writing is overcoming writers block and seeing a post take shape on the screen in front of me. I feel so much more at ease when I write.

And last of all, I try to remember that when I write, I should be grateful for those of you who read these posts. They ramble on incoherently most of the time, but hopefully you enjoy the ride.

Be safe out there, and be kind to each other,

It’s 0400

It’s 0400 on Friday and I woke up with my sinuses packed. Naturally, the nose spray that always helps me is still securely hidden in the mountain of boxes that must still be unpacked after the move. It is easy to feel sorry for myself, but I’m trying to stay optimistic since Hal, The Stooges and I are embarking on the next adventure in our life together.

This picture is overly optimistic, the place is still crammed with boxes and bags. We did manage to make a path for the cable guy who is supposed to be here today, as well as the new furniture items we purchased before the move. Thankfully, I took time off work to help with this madness so Hal doesn’t have to shoulder the burden all by himself.

The new apartment is much larger than our old one. It is also $500 cheaper per month. The trade off is that we’re much further away from DC now, but I don’t have to fight the commute anyway. I can still catch a train into DC when I have to go. Since I’ve been working from home for years, this isn’t a big deal to me.

In the interest of keeping it real, this is another view from the couch as I’m writing this on my iPhone. Only a few of the boxes are empty. We will be busy today but not as rushed as yesterday.

There are so many things that go through my mind at 0400. Why can’t I get back to sleep? Where is my sinus nasal spray? Why didn’t I inventory and index things when I packed them to make it easier to find things? That last one I’ll try to remember for our next move.

Stevie Nicks seems remotely interested in me as I’m writing this. I’m glad that The Stooges have all adjusted well to the new place. Stevie Nicks and Hal The Cat were fine on the hour + drive here today, but Jax The Cat was upset and talked loudly the entire time. To be fair, this was the first time that Jax has moved with us so we expected him to be nervous.

It’s 0400 and I’m looking forward to a new day. Everyone stay safe.

Crisis Doesn’t Change Some Things

There is an old saying that difficult times bring out the best in people. I believe this is true in the general sense, but for some people, a crisis like we are facing makes no difference at all to them. My extended family is a shining example of the latter scenario.

For most of my life, I’ve known that my extended family on my Mom’s side are some rather unpleasant pieces of work. Long story, but Mom was orphaned as a child and wasn’t found by her older siblings until she was well into adulthood. The result is that there has never been a true familial bond. Mom was always the “outsider” and my Dad and myself were shunned as well.

You cannot miss what you never had. This is true in regards to a close relationship with my extended family. There is no surprise at all when I naively attempted to reach out to them last week to see if they were doin ok with the Coronavirus situation. Not surprisingly, I’ve had no response from any of them. I officially give up on them. They have no regard for, nor interest in me. I’m done trying to be the nice one. I don’t wish them I’ll, I simply just don’t care anymore.

This decision wasn’t arrived at in a hurry, or with any rush to judgement. I hoped that facing this common adversary called Coronavirus might enable us to finally connect and start to build some bridges over the chasms that have separated us for our entire lives. We know that each other exists, but that will remain the extent of our contact from this day forward.

I say all of this calmly and without emotion because there has never been a time to feel bad about the situation, at least in my life. I can’t miss what I never had.


We have all heard about shortages over the last week. We have a shortage of kits to test for the Coronavirus, and that means we can’t get a truly accurate picture of just how widespread the problem is.

We have a shortage of respirators, and that means we can’t treat everyone properly who might or might not actually have the Coronavirus because we have a shortage of test kits.

We have a shortage of leadership from our allegedly elected officials. The Orange Nazi also has a shortage of personal responsibility because nothing is ever his fault.

There are some things that we don’t have a shortage of. Information and infoporn are all too available to us. This overwhelms our inputs and creates a sense of hopelessness and despair. We also have no shortage of those feelings.

As for feelings, I know that we have no shortage of compassion and kindness. That is something we make for ourselves in such quantities that we can always manage to spare some for those people in need.