Dreamer’s World September 21, 2018 – The End Of A Long And Trying Week

I am glad that Friday is here at last. I was off work the previous two days, but it wasn’t for anything fun. I had an electrical problem with the Lime Green Fiesta that had to be repaired before things got worse. Whenever I was driving, I got the warning light that one of the doors was open. It was never open. The alarm went off steadily and caused the dome light to go on and stay on. The dome light caught the attention of a local police officer on Monday night because you are never supposed to drive after dark with your dome light on. Thankfully, I was just given the warning to get it fixed.

I took the day off on Wednesday and went to the Ford dealer where I purchased the Lime Green Fiesta because there is a service plan with discounts that come in handy. The dealer is about 25 miles away from where we live, so this meant a trip to sit there and wait for the repairs to get done. After several hours, the techs came and said that they could find nothing wrong (of course) and that I should monitor the situation and bring it back if necessary. I was not satisfied with this, but I started to drive away, and the sensor started acting up again.

When the techs saw that the light was on as I had told them, the Lime Green Fiesta went back into the shop for another few hours. Eventually, I was told that the problem could not be identified without more detailed inspection and that I would have to leave the vehicle overnight.

This new development meant that Hal and I had to take the courtesy shuttle to the nearest Metro station, then catch the series of trains that would get us the closest to home, and then take the bus for another hour to get back home. After that adventurous trip, I was prepared to work Thursday as usual while waiting on word about the Lime Green Fiesta. Just before 1700, I got the call that they had finally found that there was a wire in the Lime Green Fiesta that had shorted out and was the cause of the door sensor alarm. The techs were able to repair the problem without much trouble (of course), and that I could pick up the Lime Green Fiesta on Thursday.

This news meant that I had to schedule another day off work to travel back to the dealer in the morning using the same long Metro commute. I was not going to accept the Lime Green Fiesta without a test drive to make sure that the problem was resolved. Thankfully, the issue did not happen again and apparently the problem has been fixed. Then I had to face the cost of the repair. No parts were charged, but because of the time and labor involved with removing the door panel and finally identifying the cause of the problem (testing each wire individually), I was out quite a bit of money.

At least the Lime Green Fiesta is running smoothly once again without the alarm constantly going off. For that I am grateful. Now I hope that there will be no more unexpected expenses for a long time, and I hope that I can relax and enjoy the weekend.

Dreamer’s World January 3, 2018 – Living Every Moment


     Being happy is something that everyone wants in their life. Sadly, this is impossible because life doesn’t work that way. We all go through highs and lows, and we have to remember that this is all a part of the journey. If everything were perfect all of the time, we would have nothing to indicate that we are happy at any given point in our life.

     As insomnia keeps me awake, I think about this. There is nothing pleasant about not being able to sleep, but it can lead to some useful time for thinking if I let it. I know that there are things that demand my attention as I try to sleep. Writing is one of those things, and I am allowing it to occupy my mind in the middle of the night as the rest of the world sensibly sleeps.

     I wish at times like this that I could not have insomnia, but that isn’t my choice. I have to deal with this in the best way that I can. At least I know that I will not be traveling to the client’s office later this morning because it is just too damn cold to stand around waiting on a bus just to get me to a train station where I have to stand around waiting for a train. The first thing I will do when I start work this morning is to notify the client that I am not coming in today but that I will be available via phone or email if they need to reach me.

     As a part of the things I will do while I am awake, I am writing this blog post in Google Docs for a change. I want to have some different experiences to stimulate my mind as I cannot sleep.



Dreamer’s World May 24 2017 – Making Progress

    The middle of the week is here at last. I just returned from my weekly meeting with the client and now I have the afternoon meetings and normal work to get through before quitting time this afternoon. I am glad to report that I feel much better today after a good night of sleep.

    Yesterday I went to the acupuncturist for the first time and I must admit that I feel tremendously better. She believes that she can help me with my occasional insomnia and lack of quality sleep and I am perfectly willing to give her the opportunity to help if she can. I believe that she inserted approximately 20 needles into me during the session and some of those were connected to an electric pulse that helped to relax some of the trouble spots. Acupuncture, like reflexology, works on points in the body that correspond to areas of concern. For every part of the body, there is a spot along the spine for the most part that corresponds to it. She helped me to get some real sleep last night. Since this was my first visit to her, she is going to chart out what she found and then we will meet again next week to see about a recommended course of treatments and negotiate a price that I can live with.

    After work this afternoon, I will be marinating some steaks to cook so we will have some good meals for the rest of this week. I enjoy cooking in the new kitchen because the appliances are up to date and there is more room to move around, especially with a hot oven in use. I don’t expect that we will do anything after work other than me cooking, but Hal will always have a say in the decision. Personally, I want to cook because it does save money in the long run and we can have what we want already made here. I spent most of my lunchtime preparing the marinate and getting the steaks in do they will be ready immediately after work. With the new oven, it won’t take long for them to be ready and we can still do something if Hal wants to.

    I am looking forward to the end of the workday. I want to get a routine established now that all of the chaos of the move is over with. I need some stability and order right now so I can get back to practicing my guitar and having time for myself. I am starting the oven now so it will be ready for the steaks as soon as work is finished. Hal is taking a nap now so I don’t know what that will mean for later on, but I will be ready regardless.

    The steaks are in the oven now. Hal is on the phone with his relatives since an Aunt of his died yesterday in Florida. He told me that the family has offered to pay for him to go to Jacksonville for the funeral this weekend and I suspect that he will go. In fact, he is on the phone with one of his relatives now so I won’t bother him until he is finished. That can be tricky because he can spend hours on the phone with them. My situation is less complicated and consists of “Are you dead yet?” “Better luck next time” types of conversations. I have a weird family that isn’t close at all, at least to me. I have managed to survive for this long without constant aggravation from them and I will continue to do so in the future.

    At least the steaks will be ready for either dinner tonight or for meals starting tomorrow. It feels good to get ahead of things for a change. I took a few minutes to change the appearance of my WordPress blog because I have not altered it in a long time. I hope that it is an improvement.

Dreamer’s World September 22 2016 – Trying To Stay Positive


If we needed any more proof of how difficult it can be to try and maintain any type of positive outlook, today is just another example. The police continue to run amok on our streets, killing people based on the color of their skin, RWNJ hatred reacts to the news instinctively to protect the oppressors, and the MSM complies with the powers that be in shading their coverage against the victims of these endless atrocities.

Honestly, there are times when I just want snuggle up in my bed and tell the world to FUCK OFF. Sadly, while this might be an option, it is not a very good one. Until everyone says that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH this shit will continue until the system is no longer able to contain the anger. I am totally on the side of the victims of these executions because I could not live with myself if I sided with the oppressors.

I am sick to my stomach when I hear the MSM report on “property damage” rather than on the problem of police conducting executions on our streets. This is the type of oppression that we condemn unanimously when we see it happen on other parts of the world, but the terribly misguided concept of American Exceptionalism means that too many people here in this country are all too willing to silently approve of these tragedies when they happen here.

When an athlete draws attention to these problems by taking a knee during the national anthem, the instinctive RWNJ lunatics are outraged. That is the extent of their thought process. Outrage because they do not agree with something and that is the end of their short-bus mentality. They are incapable of discussing the issue of police violence without resorting to their instinctive defense of authority, which once again is the extent of their argument.

I think that the real problem is very deeply ingrained in this country. If there is no outrage when police conduct executions on our streets against people based on the color of their skin, logic leads to the conclusion that these RWNJ idiots automatically assume that all Black people are guilty and therefore deserve no justice. If this is not a textbook symptom of RACISM, I don’t know what is.

I wrote about the psychological aspects of how society and those who control it also want to control all of us. This is the result of that mindset, a nation of sheeple that will believe anything said that reinforces their instinctive reaction rather than provokes thoughtful discourse on the problem. To be perfectly blunt, this is a recipe for disaster. This nation cannot continue on its present course for much longer until the entire system itself will no longer be valid in the eyes of its own citizens. When that time comes, the charade of democracy and representative government will be taken away to reveal the corporate that has truly taken control of things. These are the people who lead through FEAR and HATRED. If we follow them, we are all doomed.

How long can a group of people be harassed, bullied, intimidated, incarcerated, and finally, EXECUTED on the streets before they rise in righteous indignation? Once that happens, I will be marching with them. My only hope is that the HATRED that drove them to it will not infect them the way that it has infected far too many white Americans, because if that is the case those white Americans will know the exact pain that they are busy inflicting right now. I say this with the somber realization that my support of the oppressed might not mean a damn thing to them because all they might see is the color of my skin. I would not have much of a defense to offer because right now, any Black American can be executed solely because of the color of their skin.

I hope that we can somehow get through this and stop the oncoming catastrophe, but for that to happen, WE ALL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.

Dreamer’s World September 20 2016 – Staying Positive


I believe that I have discovered one of the main reasons that I have had such a hard time writing recently. My back is feeling better, but still acts up from time to time, but that was something that was more of an excuse not to write. I believe that all of the negativity in the world was wearing me down. It seems impossible to find good things with all the shit that is being thrown around these days.

I have noticed that almost everything has gone downhill as the election approaches. At times, I wonder just how much worse things can get and how much worse people can be towards each other before we reach the point of irreparable harm to ourselves and each other? I am not blameless in this, I have vented my own frustrations but I have tried to keep them away from the personal hatred aspect that seems to be so popular these days.

Luckily, none of this actually involves this blog and that is why it came as a surprise to me when I realized after a particularly nasty series of online days, that all of that negative energy was sucking the life out of me. It was taking time and effort away from this blog, which I love writing. It will take some time to try and purge the negativity out of my system because it has just been stored there for so long. I believe that one of the steps I have to take has already been accomplished, and that was to turn OFF the TV and the wretched MSM. I believe that the second step will be to dial back my online presence in areas such as Twitter. I realize that there are so many people saying so many things that can make my blood boil, but reacting to them only hurts myself.

I also realize that I have neglected reading the blogs of those who have chosen to follow this one. To all of you, I admire the gift that you seem to exercise so freely. Your blogs are all wonderful examples of writing, at time my own blog seems rather dull and mundane by comparison. I want to work to improve my own blog in the hopes that it will somehow measure up more favorably against all of yours. I mean these words as a totally sincere and heartfelt compliment.

My life is my own. From that basic premise, I have to decide what makes it worthwhile. For me, I choose to try to help others, to stand up for what is right (not in the political sense), and to do what I can to make the world a better place to live in. I alone decide how I will allow others to impact my life and my feelings. There is no chance that everyone on this planet will ever agree on anything, so the best that any of us can do is to make sure that our own agendas do NOT cause harm to others in order to make ourselves more popular or powerful.

Ideas are the best weapons we have against ignorance and hatred and intolerance and injustice. Love and Respect for each other are the things that allow us to move forward together. In the past I have railed far too often about the examples of hatred, ignorance, intolerance and injustice. There are plenty of bloggers out there who do a far better job at that than I could ever hope to. I want to try to stay positive and focus on what we can all do to move forward.

I can physically feel the pent-up tension leaving me as I type this blog entry. It feels wonderful to finally get all of this off of my chest. I do not want this to be another example of attempting to start something only to have it fall apart through neglect. If you have read this far, a word of encouragement would make my day 🙂

At any rate, I feel like I have said what I set out to say with this post. I hope that it accomplishes something, but at least it has made me feel more at peace with myself, and that allows me to get on with my life and try to redirect my energies into more positive areas and steer clear of the negativity that was eating away at me.

I hope everyone who reads this will have a great day 😉

Dreamer’s World July 5 2016

     After a rather uneventful holiday, I am looking forward to another day of vacation today. With luck, Hal (person) and I will be able to get out and enjoy some time together without the holiday traffic getting in our way.

     This is a beautiful day compared to the rain and gloomy weather we had all day yesterday. I hope that we can enjoy it peacefully. 
     Google Project Fi continues to impress me each day. I am falling more and more in love with their service. It is only a matter of time until I cut the cord to my current cellular provider, and I am going to try and make that as soon as possible. When Hal and I were out today, I had no trouble making and receiving calls and my internet connection remained solid.
     One of our friends who visited yesterday was asking me about Project Fi and my Nexus 5X. He sounded interested until I told him that the service is not available on iPhone. At that point, he completely lost interest. He isn’t the most tech savvy person in the world and fits squarely into the cubicle that Apple has mapped out for him. He is hesitant to change anything at all in his life, although he is fond of constantly complaining about how miserable he is. I can’t help him with most of his numerous problems, but I did try to tell him all I could about Project Fi. THe other friend sounded more interested, but he was noncommittal about things. I don’t expect him to make the switch anytime soon either.
     For me, I used Android in the past and the adjustment is not that difficult. I have enjoyed my time with the iPhone, it is a great device, but it isn’t worth the exorbitant price that Apple wants to charge everyone each year when they release another iPhone. I checked with my current provider about an upgrade and found out that to upgrade to the newest (6S Plus) would cost me $300 up front with the remaining $600+ spread out over 2 years. That is completely nuts! What will Apple demand for the next iPhone? The mind boggles. As much as I appreciate the quality of Apple products, the company continues to march away from what made them great, and that is the bond between users and the company. Now, we are nothing more than customers and bank accounts. The old “Freaks and Geeks” from Apple’s early days are long gone only to be replaced by sterile, interchangeable automatons in Apple t shirts at the stores who are programmed to get you to buy, buy, and buy some more.
     When my company provided me with a Surface Pro 4, I didn’t object because that was the company’s decision for an upgrade. I have found it to be an extremely reliable device. In fact, earlier this year I took some of my tax refund and purchased one for myself. As my antipathy towards Apple grows, I realize that I am actually talking myself into switching away altogether in favor of the SP4 or of course, the Chromebooks that I already have. The Apple ecosystem seems to be constricting inwards on itself and appears to be burning the oxygen (customers) needed to sustain it at a faster rate than the oxygen (customers) can be replenished, but this is strictly a personal opinion. As I said, I would have no problem switching from iOS to Android, so that concern that my friend expressed really fell on deaf ears.
     One last thing worth mentioning. Hal The Cat experienced his first real visitors yesterday when our company arrived. Hal The Cat has been with us for 7 months now and we weren’t quite sure what to expect from him when new people were around. I am pleased to day that he was jst as friendly with our guests as he always is with us. We would never allow anyone near The Stooges if we thought that there was any chance of a conflict. I personally believe that animals are a great judge of human character. In this case, Hal The Cat validated our friends without any trouble at all. There was talk of the guests cat-napping Hal, but we put a quick stop to that!