Needing A Mental Health Day

I could really use a Mental Health Day right about now. The constant din and noise from the outside world is starting to wear me down. I haven’t had a day off in months because I want time on the books for our upcoming move that is supposed to happen early in April. I remain optimistic, but the chances seem to be growing that we will not be able to move at the appointed time due to the Coronavirus situation. If we had more flexibility, we would have arranged to move early, but we don’t have that luxury.

In the meantime, I just keep going through the daily grind, over and over, and feeling more exhausted at the end of each day. While I am not the most optimistic person in the world, I keep hoping for the best. I am a realist which, I know, is another word widely associated with pessimism, and I try to do the best I can. Some days that is much easier than others.

I don’t know what I would do if I took a Mental Health Day right now. The weather is miserable and going outside is not an option because of that. We are not under any “stay at home” quarantine orders here……..yet. That is why I am concerned about our move next week. Things could change at any moment.

Everything seems to be moving in slow motion this morning. The only thing missing is a migraine, and I don’t want one of those to appear to harass me today. I am amazed that I have made it through until lunchtime without throwing in the proverbial towel and taking the rest of the day off. Staying busy does make the time go by much faster, although it does make me more sluggish as the day goes on.

And, at approximately 1330 in the afternoon, the migraine announces its arrival with several sledgehammer blows right behind my eyes that completely threw me for a loop. I have taken some Aleve but the bell is still ringing inside my skull and probably will be for a few hours at least. There is one more meeting that I have to get through before quitting time, so I should survive.

Never A Good Sign

I woke up this morning with a blinding headache. I am still working from home today, but I have canceled the conference calls that normally give me mild headaches rather than aggravate this monster headache that is building behind my eyeballs this morning. So far, my blood glucose levels have been within range, so this headache is caused by some different factor that I haven’t identified yet.

I’m listening to some Jazz music at low volume since that usually helps me at any time, but especially when I am not feeling well. At least I don’t have any pressing things lined up for the rest of the day and I can focus on feeling better and getting some rest after work. Of course, I might just submit a request to take part of the day off anyway.

I planned to make spaghetti after work today, but I will wait and see how much better I feel before confirming that decision. I have plenty of food here and the task now is to make certain that we finish up what we already have before we move in a few weeks because I don’t expect that we will transport a lot of food with us when we move.

I had completely forgotten about my appointment with the Chiropractor and Acupuncturist this afternoon. Perhaps they will help with this monster headache and keep it from recurring. I am definitely going to miss the visits to these professionals, I will have to find new ones where we are moving to in the near future. At least this gives me something to look forward to other than cooking after work.

In order to keep my headache from getting worse, I decided to cook the spaghetti for lunch since it doesn’t take much time in the kitchen. I forgot to take any pics, that will have to wait until next time I make spaghetti. My mind was too unfocused to remember. The spaghetti should be done by lunchtime, and I can enjoy it during the one conference call that I cannot ignore today.

Hal has been in the living room watching the infoporn shows all morning long. It is a shame that we disagree on the value of those shows. I find them pointless and irritating, while Hal finds them informative. I cannot imagine ever wanting to know the stupid types of bullshit that those shows specialize in covering. To me, any show that has people sitting around a table and pretending to be your friends are automatically suspect and I won’t watch them.

I am just hoping now to make it through the rest of the day, get to the Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, and then rest at home tonight without any distractions or interruptions because I deserve it.