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The U.S. is the only liberal-democratic country in the world with a political system set up for two mainstream parties, a long and continuous history of union suppression, and without a major socialist party at the national level.
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My Eating Habits

My Eating Habits

I’m learning a lot about myself through meditation, including the ability to look deep inside myself objectively. Finding my inner flaws isn’t much fun, but it is necessary to make me a better person.

Because I am diabetic, I try to monitor what I eat. The inner problem that I’ve uncovered through meditation is that I overeat. Delving deeper into my inner self, I eat like I do because I feel bad about myself.

I eat when I feel lonely. I eat when I feel depressed. I eat when I’m bored. I don’t treat food as something to be enjoyed; I treat food as a security blanket to trick myself into believing that I feel good when I don’t.

Identifying a problem is one thing. Correcting that behavior is something else altogether. I must adjust my behavior and my attitude, and emotions. I must teach myself that I’m nowhere near starvation and that the “hunger” I feel is in my head. I have to find constructive ways to deal with that feeling.

I can overcome this problem now that I understand it better. Once again, meditation has helped me in ways I never imagined.