Kindness Journey – Day 192 – Preparation Day

The picture is not our kitchen, but it conveys the sense of organized chaos on the Eve before Thanksgiving. Even though I’m only cooking for two people, that presents unique challenges. The trick is to cook enough food without wasting it in the long run. Leftovers only satisfy for so long.

Let’s start with the main course. A 3 of boneless turkey breast has been thawing for 24 hours; by the time I prepare it, 36 hours will elapse. I’ve never had good luck cooking turkey, but this time will be the first to use an air fryer. I plan to baste the bird once it’s on the spit with a mix of olive oil and a hint of hickory-flavored liquid smoke and then a quick rub with seasoned salt, pepper, and a touch of onion powder. If I fail again with the turkey, I have a backup plan of pork chops I made tonight.

A variety of side dishes consists of; stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans with onion and white pepper, mashed potatoes, and finally, asparagus. I’m deliberately not making too many of any side dishes. This menu should work out well regardless of what happens to the turkey.

I planned the cooking so tomorrow won’t be stressful. Besides the main course, everything else will be microwave-ready tomorrow afternoon.