Kindness Journey – Day 185 -My Sanity

Our never-ending election cycle just rolls on and on without stopping. We can’t catch our breath at the end of one election before the greedy and corrupt grifters who never worked an honest day in their lives start the madness all over again.

I have had enough. My personal wellbeing and sanity are more important than any candidate. I refuse to let the media scurry from one self-manufactured fake political crisis to another and drag me along. I just won’t take part in any of the bullshit between now and the next election. At that time, I will make my informed decision and vote accordingly.

Until then, I want nothing to do with politics or candidates or elections or campaigns. I began filtering my online content, and if necessary, I will sacrifice sone friendships if I’m subjected to more bullshit.

I want to be Kind, but the first thing about practicing Kindness is to be Kind to yourself first. I want to protect my health, both mental and physical, from the never ending onslaught of political bullshit.