Kindness Journey – Day 184 – Regrets

Everyone has regrets. We all have made decisions, or avoided making decisions that we look back in and wish things were different. Personally, I believe that the worst regrets come from those choices that have hurt others as much as ourselves.

While we can try to make amends for our choices, it is important to remember what we did, and that it cannot be undone. We have to accept responsibility for our actions and express remorse when called for.

Kindness allows for change. We are not prisoners of our past decisions unless we choose to be. Regret does not have to be eternal, time will heal all wounds if we allow it to, and if we make the changes that allow us to move on.

Anyone who reads this blog can look back bat my posts from more than a year ago and think they were written by a different person. In a sense, they were. I was bitter and angry all the time because the world was unfair, and people were suffering. Those things are still true, but I discovered the gift of Kindness. Kindness leads to Acceptance. Acceptance allowed me to overcome the regrets I had about my own past.

Regret should never hold you back from living. Learn the lesson and carry it forward.

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