Kindness Journey – Day 182 -Coping with Disappointment

Disappointment is part of life. Things don’t always go the way we hope for, or planned for. I think that it is important to recognize the difference between expected and unexpected disappointment.

Unexpected disappointment is exactly that. It hits without warning. There is no time to prepare for the trauma.

I’m going to focus on Expected disappointment because I used to go through it every year watching Kentucky football. Early season promise raises expectations that are quickly dashed when UK has to play in the big, bad SEC. In most years, UK could at least count on beating Vanderbilt, but not this year.

This year UK was ranked as high as #7 in the country. This was before UK had to play the tough teams. When things started going wrong, the coach did what he always does. He just looks fat, confused, and out of place.

The coach has a great agent though. The coach gets a raise and an extension every year for achieving the same level of mediocrity as the previous year. The cycle just keeps repeating itself. This is the textbook definition of expected disappointment.

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