Kindness Journey- Day 180 – Simplicity

The other night I was going to bed when I accidentally hit a button on my alarm clock that caused it to play a soothing ocean tide sound. I tried to find the button to turn the sound off, but there were so many buttons on there without clear labels or symbols that I couldn’t find the right one.

After about 5 minutes of trying to silence the soothing sounds of the ocean tides, I started to lose my mind. I even found the operator manual for the alarm clock, but it didn’t help me.

By this time, the pounding waves coming from the alarm clock were starting to annoy me. Why did this thing have to be so damn complicated? All I really wanted was a bedside alarm clock.

I unplugged the alarm clock and the thunderous sound of the breaking waves finally ceased. I order an alarm clock like the one pictured above.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best answer.

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