Kindness Journey – Day 179 -Walk Away

Whenever someone annoys me, or tries to provoke me these days I simply turn and walk away. My days of angry confrontation are over. I have begun to master the Art of Kindness, I’m not an expert yet, but I can tell that there is a huge difference in my life now.

I never realized that from the moment you begin to fight, most of the time you’ve already lost. There are causes and issues worth fighting for, but the typical argument that people have everyday don’t fall into that category. So, when you lose your control and temper over a small and insignificant issue, that is when you’ve already lost.

I realized that the people who go around looking for fights are simply miserable for any number of reasons, and they want everyone else to feel as badly as they already do.

Occasionally, walking away means that you will be mocked, ridiculed, and possibly attacked because you will be seen as weak. Self-defense is necessary for our own protection. Just remember that you only need to do enough harm to be able to go on your way without further incident.