Kindness Journey – Day 174 – Watching a train wreck

Election Day is less than a week away. When I was a child, elections might have seemed dull and boring, but today they are nerve-wracking and just plain unpleasant. I’m sick to death of all the negativity and fear-mongering.

I’m also tired of the never-ending campaign cycle. Immediately after the election, one side will either complain that they were cheated, or they will demonize everyone who voted against them, acting like spoiled children the entire time. The other side will act as if all of the antics are normal and refuse to actively differentiate themselves from their opponents.

How did we get here? Obviously, people have divided into opposing groups more than ever before, but that alone doesn’t explain things. I believe that one side has decided that Democracy no longer works because they get outvoted when people have a clear choice. They see everyone participating and it frightens them.

These people are dangerous because they have shed even the appearance of supporting Democracy. Their rhetoric and their actions remind me of historical documentaries, or news reports about foreign countries. When I was a child, we were shown things like that in school and told that could never happen here. Our teachers got it wrong. It is happening here, like a train wreck we see coming. We know that a disaster is the only outcome, but we can’t look away. We watch things that are pre-ordained because we failed to stop them.

We voted early. I hate what we have all allowed our elections, and our society to become. We deserve better, don’t we?