Kindness Journey – Day 170 – Cherish something or someone

Kindness emphasizes love. It is a terrible thing to go through life with bitterness and hatred governing your life. I know because I’m struggling to break free of that every day. We seem to be conditioned for anger and unhappiness.

Society emphasizes that we don’t have enough material possessions, and that somehow equates to a personal failing. People who can be happy and content and positive are presented as freaks, or weaklings who cannot compete in the so-called game of life. It takes a great deal of personal courage to reject the status quo because doing so will result in ostracism, and probably rejection, by friends and family.

It is ironic that people who talk about individualism are the most conformist of all. They rail against things that don’t correspond with their religion or political beliefs. They cannot see the hypocrisy because society conditions them and blinds them.

Just find someone or something that makes your life complete. Focus on them and let the world flow around you. Love and Kindness will get you through anything. Don’t despair, and don’t give up on love.

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