Kindness Journey – Day 164 – If it makes you happy

I think that far too often we let society govern us in ways that are inappropriate at best or harmful at worst. Everything is geared towards what we should fear, what should worry us, who can we trust, and how much can we isolate ourselves from society.

Perhaps we can learn a lesson from Linus. Linus loves his security blanket and always has it with him. He doesn’t let anyone take it away, and he cherishes it. I realize that we all can’t walk around carrying a blanket, but it doesn’t have to be a physical thing.

We have the ability to choose Happiness. We can always reflect that choice in our everyday lives for others to see. It makes a statement that we are not following the herd, with choices already made for us by others. We choose to be Happy, and that makes us individuals.

Break free of the pre-conditioning that society wants to impose. Find what and who makes you happy and embrace them. Like the Cheryl Crow song said “ If it makes you happy, it can’t fe that bad.”

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