Kindness Journey – Day 161 – Positive thoughts

Kindness is a major part of my life. I have let it subside recently as I dealt with a sick pet. Hal The Cat fought cancer for over 6 months. We gave him multiple medications twice a day, including injections, but he simply wore out. My mood was understandably downbeat, and I let that govern my thoughts and actions. Kindnesss didn’t dessert me, I abandoned Kindness.

After Hal The Cat died, we adopted a new cat, Henry. Henry has brought joy back to our home. I am thinking positive thoughts again, and I can tell the difference. Kindness is back because I am no longer ignoring it. I only now realize how far from Kindness I had drifted.

This new direction isn’t actually new, I’m just returning from a detour that luge put in my way. I look back and see what I learned. When I grew tired, I reverted to my old ways and lashed out at the world instead of paying attention to how I was doing.

A few days since making the change and I feel better already. Not being caught up in the train wreck of society is a liberating experience. I will do everything possible to stay committed to this course of action from now on. The temptation to slide back to becoming just another online asshole is strong, but I can overcome it.

It can be difficult to find something positive to say, if that is the case then say nothing. Choose the path less traveled. Be the change that is needed, rather than just another voice wishing for that change.

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