Kindness Journey – Day 160 – Reevaluating

Turning away from the outside world is something I do now and then. Each time, I get closer and closer to ultimate inner peace. I hope this time is the most successful because the world is so fucked up, and no matter how much I scream into the void, things won’t change.

I prefer to think about things that impact my life on an everyday basis. Whether or not the weather has turned cool enough for a sweater?, what will I cook for dinner? those types of monumental decisions that make every day worth living. I can’t keep on railing against the injustice in the world. I have carried that weight long enough; it is time for others to take up the burden.

All of this might sound selfish, I don’t think so but that’s my opinion and the only one that really matters. I have earned the right to focus on myself. It feels good to at least foster the illusion that I’m in charge.

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