Henry has arrived

Henry has arrived. We picked him up Monday afternoon and brought him home. The adoption process gets more complicated every time. I spent most of the day answering phone calls from the adoption agency about our present and past cats. Honestly, I was one phone call away from scrapping the whole thing, but Hal recommended patience, and it finally paid off.

After we git Henry home, he was hesitant to come out of the carrier. Eventually, I coaxed him out and started caressing and talking to him. Hal came in with food, water, and litter to make Henry feel at home. Then Hal and I lay on the bed with Henry between us. Henry didn’t know what to do with love and attention coming from both sides.

Henry finally tired out and went to sleep for a few minutes. He seems content and happy now. His next big adventure comes when he meets Jax and Willow face to face. We don’t anticipate any trouble when they first meet.

Henry decided to explore the bedroom for awhile. I’m sure he’ll find a hiding place or two very soon. It’s best to give Henry all the time he needs to adjust to his new home. He knows where food, water, and litter box are when he needs them.

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