Kindness Journey – Day 148 – Reminiscing

Remembering old times gets easier as you age because you have more memories to look back on. Reminiscing can be good or bad, depending on what past events you choose to focus on.

My parents taught me to never let the seduction of memories blind me to the present. The photo above, taken from the Harry Potter movies, proves the dangers of letting memories and hopes get in the way of living and achieving.

In the picture, Harry is caught up in the image of being reunited with the parents he never knew. The images and memories he thinks are real are illusions. The mirror is dangerous because it lets him emotionally drown in those false memories.

Grated, that was fiction, but it was a great illustration of letting memories, either accurate or imagined, govern the present. My parents always told me that if I spent 5 good minutes remembering something, that was enough. They also taught me to never dwell on past mistakes, remembering those for more than an instant is dangerous and a waste of time.

Even Kindness leads me away from constant reminiscing, because a kind act from the past that I continually focus on prevents me from showing kindness in the present.

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