Kindness Journey – Day 143 – Minor dental troubles

Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a burrito. I was enjoying it until I felt a crunch as I chewed. My first thought was there had been a hard piece of onion I had bitten down on.

Instinctively, I separated the offending piece of material in my mouth and finally pushed out a tooth, or rather, most of a tooth. I didn’t feel any pain, but my tongue quickly found a hole with the ragged remains of a tooth tight at the gum line.

I called my dentist and she got to me in less than an hour. The tooth had old work that had killed the root, which explained why there was no pain. However, she numbed me up in order to extract the root of the tooth. Thankfully, I didn’t feel any pain.

The offending tooth was slated for demolition eventually when a bridge is put in to replace several problem teeth. For now, I have a new gap in my teeth that my tongue cannot stay away from.

Looking back, I was very fortunate. I am glad that I have a caring and trustworthy dentist for emergencies. Things could have been so much worse.

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