Kindness Journey – Day 142 – Short Story Ideas

Recently, out of the blue, an idea for a series of short stories flashed into my mind. Usually, inspiration is tough to find. I instantly opened up the Ulysses writing app on my iPhone and created a new page for each idea before I could forget them.

I love the Ulysses writing app because it posts seamlessly to WordPress and saves drafts to the Medium app. At any rate, I am glad that I had the presence of mind to write the story outlines right away.

I haven’t written a short story in years. I don’t know why the ideas suddenly came to me, I figure there must be a reason. I’m glad for the distraction from the everyday routine because I love to write.

I don’t have a timeline yet for posting the stories. I’ll work on finishing them without a deadline; I don’t need the pressure.

I hope that Inspiration will visit me more often.

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