Idiots like Musk should stay quiet. Elon Musk sparks backlash from Ukrainian officials with unsolicited ‘peace’ plan | CNN Business

Elon Musk drew backlash on Monday from Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, for his unsolicited advice on how to bring about “peace” amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country.
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Any “corrupt lawyer” jokes?? Trump attorney Eric Herschmann now representing Brett Favre amid Mississippi welfare scandal | CNN

An attorney who was part of the defense team for then-President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial is now representing Pro Football Hall of Famer Brett Favre in connection with a massive welfare fraud scheme in Mississippi, a spokesperson for the former quarterback told CNN.
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republicans believe the dumbest things. Minnesota GOP nominee for governor claimed kids are using litter boxes in schools — it’s an internet hoax | CNN Politics

The Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota repeated last week a bizarre hoax claim which has been debunked that children are being told they can identify as anthropomorphic cats and are being allowed to use litter boxes to urinate in schools.
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Kindness Journey – Day 142 – Short Story Ideas

Recently, out of the blue, an idea for a series of short stories flashed into my mind. Usually, inspiration is tough to find. I instantly opened up the Ulysses writing app on my iPhone and created a new page for each idea before I could forget them.

I love the Ulysses writing app because it posts seamlessly to WordPress and saves drafts to the Medium app. At any rate, I am glad that I had the presence of mind to write the story outlines right away.

I haven’t written a short story in years. I don’t know why the ideas suddenly came to me, I figure there must be a reason. I’m glad for the distraction from the everyday routine because I love to write.

I don’t have a timeline yet for posting the stories. I’ll work on finishing them without a deadline; I don’t need the pressure.

I hope that Inspiration will visit me more often.