rump is still looking for his crayons so he can make insane notes. National Archives says it still doesn’t have all Trump White House records | CNN Politics

The National Archives has told the House Oversight Committee that certain presidential records from the Trump administration remain outstanding, citing information that some White House staff used non-official electronic systems to conduct official business.
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Kindness Journey – Day 140 – Dealing with inflation

The cost of everything is going up. We’re making adjustments here to compensate for the price hikes. It isn’t easy being on a fixed income, but I’m lucky. When I became disabled, the first thing I did was to rearrange my finances and paid off all of my debts.

We are making it through this inflation so far. We’re watching what we spend, we’re eating home-cooked meals almost every day and night. We have a sick cat we are caring for, so we make sure we have enough for him. Impulse buying is a thing of the past.

Honestly, I believe that the years I spent fighting to pay my debts prepared me for this time. Fiscal discipline is ingrained in me now, even without debts to pay off.

We will get through whatever life throws at us. We always do.