Kindness Journey – Day 170 – Cherish something or someone

Kindness emphasizes love. It is a terrible thing to go through life with bitterness and hatred governing your life. I know because I’m struggling to break free of that every day. We seem to be conditioned for anger and unhappiness.

Society emphasizes that we don’t have enough material possessions, and that somehow equates to a personal failing. People who can be happy and content and positive are presented as freaks, or weaklings who cannot compete in the so-called game of life. It takes a great deal of personal courage to reject the status quo because doing so will result in ostracism, and probably rejection, by friends and family.

It is ironic that people who talk about individualism are the most conformist of all. They rail against things that don’t correspond with their religion or political beliefs. They cannot see the hypocrisy because society conditions them and blinds them.

Just find someone or something that makes your life complete. Focus on them and let the world flow around you. Love and Kindness will get you through anything. Don’t despair, and don’t give up on love.

Kindness Journey – Day 169 – Something is very wrong here

I gave up with the news a few weeks ago. The stories are either gross or stupid. There are plenty of problems in the world today, but no one seems willing to address them. Hatred is sensationalized, and overemphasized every day. However, no one in the media seems to think that this might be a self-sustaining problem.

John Lennon said it best in his quote from above. That quote cuts right to the heart of the problem. Love is not only in short supply, it is condemned and frowned upon while violence is glorified and approved.

Kindness is all about love, but it doesn’t equal weakness. In fact, it takes more courage and strength to practice Kindness than to practice hate.

Kindness Journey – Day 168 – My New Toy

One of the things about getting out of debt is the ability to get a few things that I have wanted just because I finally can afford them. I was seriously considering upgrading my MacBook, but instead I decided to get a new iPad with the magic keyboard so I have something portable for my writing.

Because I can be extremely stubborn, I continued blogging from my iPhone, even though the iPad was all ready to go. It was the convenience factor of always having the iPhone with me that made it so hard to switch and change my habits.

My eyesight isn’t getting any better with age, and that is the main reason I decided to write on the iPad unless I’m close to the MacBook. While my phone is always with me, I was torturing myself by writing there.

Things are so much better now.

Kindness Journey – Day 167 – Tired of feeling this way

The other day I was out with Hal when it started. It felt like quicksand, trapping me and pulling me down. The more I struggled, the worse things got, and the more helpless I felt.

Hal watched this happen and tried to help, but I was so caught up that I couldn’t/wouldn’t listen to him trying to help me. I was getting physically stressed and felt ill.

What was happening to me? It was just anger boiling over. Little things were upsetting me and I lost control. I hate when it happens, thankfully it doesn’t happen that often anymore, but any occurrence is too many.

I have re-dedicated myself to Kindness. I have stopped watching the news because it only gets me agitated and angry. I meditate more than I have in the past, and I’ve stopped reading and posting political items on this blog.

I’m tired of being a slave to my own anger, especially when I am the one who should be in control of it. I can do better than this, I know I can. Life should be enjoyed.

Ever since that unfortunate episode, I have made every effort to stay in control of my anger. My quick meditations are always on standby, and I stop what I’m doing whenever I feel my anger start to awaken, so I can deal with it right away.

Kindness Journey – Day 164 – If it makes you happy

I think that far too often we let society govern us in ways that are inappropriate at best or harmful at worst. Everything is geared towards what we should fear, what should worry us, who can we trust, and how much can we isolate ourselves from society.

Perhaps we can learn a lesson from Linus. Linus loves his security blanket and always has it with him. He doesn’t let anyone take it away, and he cherishes it. I realize that we all can’t walk around carrying a blanket, but it doesn’t have to be a physical thing.

We have the ability to choose Happiness. We can always reflect that choice in our everyday lives for others to see. It makes a statement that we are not following the herd, with choices already made for us by others. We choose to be Happy, and that makes us individuals.

Break free of the pre-conditioning that society wants to impose. Find what and who makes you happy and embrace them. Like the Cheryl Crow song said “ If it makes you happy, it can’t fe that bad.”

Kindness Journey – Day 163 – Kindness is its own reward

Quiet is one of the benefits of Kindness, albeit a difficult one to cope with at times. Try as I might, it is harder to find kind things to say than negative or hurtful things. This is a reflection on our society today, and not a flattering one.

Kindness is always there for us, but we must look for and embrace it if we want to feel the benefits in our lives. True Kindness is an ongoing process and series of acts that we must choose to take. Kindness provides infinitely more rewards than we can imagine but we also must make the effort first.