Any regime that employs “Morality police” is illegitimate. Iranian security forces arrest a woman for eating at restaurant in public without her hijab, family says | CNN

Iranian security forces arrested a woman after a photo of her and another woman eating at a Tehran restaurant without their head scarves was widely circulated online, her family said Friday. The photo emerged Wednesday showing the two women having breakfast at a cafe that, like most coffeehouses in Iran, is traditionally patronized by men.
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A Nazi Republican?? I’m totally shocked. GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent’s ties to white nationalists include interview with Nazi sympathizer | CNN Politics

Despite disavowing White nationalism last spring when one of its adherents endorsed him, a US House candidate in Washington subsequently gave a previously unreported interview in June to a Nazi sympathizer and White nationalist.
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Kindness Journey – Day 139 – The Rain

Here in the Richmond, VA area, we’re getting rain associated with Hurricane Ian. Thankfully, rain is the only thing we’ll deal with over the next few days.

The change in weather has cooled things down and hopefully it will clear most of the damn pollen out of the air. Is so, I’ll get to work on my podcast once again so I can submit it for approval.

The other major thing here is the condition of Hal The Cat. We took him to the vet because he was throwing up. She changed his medicine and we hope that he will be better now. We were both worried that we might be losing him. We don’t want that, but we want what’s best for him, not for us. We’re glad that the vet believes she can help him cope with his illness without causing pain.

The rain has started here. I believe that we’re in for the rest of the day here.