Kindness Journey – Day 138 – Sympathy

I lived, or rather I was stationed in, Florida when I was in the Navy. Pensacola and Jacksonville to be precise. I suppose I have to count US Navy basic training in Orlando back in the day as well. I’m originally from Kentucky, and a lot of friends went to Florida every year on vacation.

What I’m trying to say is that I feel for the people of Florida as they recover from Hurricane Ian. Personally, my time spent in Florida didn’t make me want to move there. Florida just isn’t where I want to be. That is irrelevant to what is going on there now.

I never had the desire to live by the ocean. I did my time in the Navy and I’ve seen enough of the ocean to last me the rest of my life. I just don’t understand building homes in areas that will be devastated by hurricanes at sone point. I know, everywhere has something against it, but seeing buildings and homes. Hilt on sand right on the beach seems like madness.

Having said that, I feel terrible for those who lost everything. As long as they survived, they can recover. I wish them strength and patience because they will need plenty of both.