Just another example of conservatives and their lack of humanity. Florida CEO of company in Ian’s path insisted employees still show up so she could have a good quarter | Boing Boing

A Florida CEO of a company located in Clearwater, which declared a state of emergency Tuesday due to Hurricane Ian, asked employees to show up at the office and keep working. “Obviously you feeling safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance, but I honestly want to continue to deliver and I want to have…
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Kindness Journey – Day 137 – Count to 10

Getting angry solves nothing. I use the old trick of counting to 10 when I feel upset before saying or doing anything. This small exercise helps calm me and helps me find my center emotionally.

Kindness gets me through the day. Counting to 10 keeps me from losing control.

Counting to 10 also helps when under stress. This morning, Hal The Cat was very sick. He has cancer and we’ve been caring for him. This morning he vomited severs times and was so lethargic that we were afraid we might lose him.

We called the vet and got an appointment. She got sone fluids and medicine into Hal, and that calmed him and let him relax. I was also In need of relaxation. I counted to 10 several times as we waited for word from the vet.

Thankfully, Hal The Cat is home and doing much better.

Counting to 10 helps me through the day in so many ways.