No Justice. DOJ prosecutors recommend against charging Gaetz in sex-trafficking probe | CNN Politics

Prosecutors have recommended against charging GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida in a federal sex-trafficking investigation, according to a source familiar with the matter. The recommendation comes in part because prosecutors have questions over whether the central witnesses in the long-running investigation would be perceived as credible before a jury, the source said.
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Kindness Journey – Day 132 – Being Happy is a Choice

When I was a child, my parents taught me a valuable lesson, and that was being happy is a choice. While I can wait for things I want to happen before I feel happy, i must accept that those things might never happen at all. If that’s the case, I’ve denied myself happiness by my own choice.

Growing up, I wanted a new bicycle. I became obsessed with the idea. I was saving my allowance money like crazy, but I felt like I would never have enough for that new bike. My mom and dad noticed me moping around and asked me what the trouble was. I told them.

I’ll never forget them laughing at me when they heard why I was upset. I wanted to be angry, but then they told me that I was in a slippery slope towards unhappiness. If I judged my life solely against what other people has, my parents told me that I should always feel as bad as I did that day.

I didn’t understand, but I listened because I actually trusted my parents. Mom and dad explained to me that constantly wanting what I didn’t have was directly opposed to being happy. I realized that they were teaching me that happiness was a choice. If I spent the time and energy being happy with what I had, I would feel a thousand times better than if I spent the same amount of time and energy wanting what I didn’t have.

Mom and dad then asked me a strange question. What would I do with my money if I didn’t get that bike? I thought about it, but I didn’t have a good answer. They told me that by obsessing over that bike, I would come to regret buying it because I had based my happiness on what I thought that bike could do for me. They told me I would be happier if I bought something else instead of the bike because the emotional cost would be lower.

As time passed, I cherished the lesson I learned. Things, either material or emotional, cannot make me happy. I need to invest my time and energy into appreciating what I have. I can choose to be happy at any point in my life if I it my life as the most important thing.

Remember that happiness is a choice.

I’ll just leave this here as another example of police brutality, racism, and a corrupt justice system. Former Texas police officer acquitted of Jonathan Price murder by jury | CNN

A jury in Hunt County, Texas, on Thursday found former Wolfe City Police officer Shaun Lucas not guilty of murder in the 2020 killing of Jonathan Price outside a convenience store, court records show.
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Nevada’s GOP nominee for top election post wants to eliminate mail voting but voted by mail multiple times | CNN Politics

The Republican candidate aiming to run Nevada’s elections has called to end mail voting by falsely claiming the voting method is rife with fraud. But public voting records reviewed by CNN’s KFile show he voted by mail multiple times, including while living in one state and voting in another.
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LOCK HIM UP Exclusive: Trump’s secret court fight to stop grand jury from getting information from his inner circle | CNN Politics

Former President Donald Trump’s attorneys are fighting a secret court battle to block a federal grand jury from gathering information from an expanding circle of close Trump aides about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, people briefed on the matter told CNN.
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Lindell can bite one of his crappy pillows as he gets traded for smokes in the big house. Federal judge denies Mike Lindell’s request to reclaim phone seized by FBI | CNN Politics

A federal judge denied Mike Lindell’s request to reclaim his phone from investigators after it was recently seized by the FBI at a Hardee’s drive-thru in Minnesota as he returned from a duck hunting trip.
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