Kindness Journey – Day 131 – I’m getting too old to explain myself when someone jumps to conclusions

Every once in a while, although much less since I embraced Kindness, I run across someone on social media who takes one thing I’ve said, misinterprets it, and then tries to attack me. I used to rise instantly to the perceived challenge and the argument would commence.

Kindness taught me that the most valuable thing I have is time. I can not practice kindness if I’m too busy arguing with someone who I don’t know, and who doesn’t know me. Their mistaken interpretation of what I said is their problem to deal with, not mine.

I’ve met people like this through the years. Honestly, I no longer have the patience to try and clear up their misunderstandings. The scenario always unfolds the same way. I get a message from someone attacking what I said. I will tell them that they have misunderstood my meaning. This is usually followed by vulgarity on their part. This is when I block them and move on with my life. I don’t use profanity back at them because that lowers me to their level. I don’t attack individuals who disagree with me.

Another example of how Kindness has saved, and is, saving my life.

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