More proof that republicans hate women. GOP congressional candidate said US suffered from women’s suffrage and praised organization trying to repeal 19th Amendment | CNN Politics

A Michigan candidate for the US House backed by former President Donald Trump once railed against giving women the right to vote, arguing that America has “suffered” since women’s suffrage.
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Kindness Journey – Day 130 – Making the most of life

In the grand scheme of things, each day brings me closer to the end, the point where I get to look back at my life and determine how much was enjoyable and how much was wasted. I’m not sure I’ll be happy with the answers to get, I’m not sure anyone ever is, but I try to make the best of my time going forward.

Kindness is the central tenet of my life now. I slowed the hectic, breakneck pace I was living at and became more Zen about how I view life. Zen is the mindset that teaches the past is in the past; it can’t change based on our desires. The future is undetermined and impossible to predict accurately. The only thing we should focus on is the present. This approach to living is what I need to get my life in order.

Kindness is a guiding principle for my Zen approach. I realize that getting angry at people or the world isn’t making me happy; it just adds to misery and unhappiness. When someone cuts me off in traffic I don’t get mad. I don’t try to forgive, I accept and let it go.

Kindness is a gift. Anger and resentment are curses. I won’t choose to be cursed ever again.