republicans and rump are cancers that threaten the health of our Democracy. Opinion: 7 days that summed up GOP’s embrace of extremism | CNN

Some leading Republicans gave Americans a master class on extremism this past week, Dean Obeidallah writes, by repeatedly reminding us about the threat they pose to our freedoms and our democracy.
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Nazis gave Hitler standing ovations as well. DeSantis gets standing ovation from GOP voters after flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard | CNN Politics

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, speaking in Kansas on Sunday, gave every indication he intends to capitalize on the latest wave of attention that has followed from him sending migrants to Massachusetts last week.
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Kindness Journey – Day 128 – Royal pains

The royal charade has gone on far too long. I try to block out the constant yammering about the late Queen, but the story won’t go away. Since I’m not British, I won’t pretend to understand how the British people feel about all this.

I wonder why the British still keeps the monarchy, especially now. I understand that the Queen was a prominent world figure for 70 years, but now her children, especially her unpopular heir, are supposed to take over. Why not just end it here? The Windsors are filthy rich; they won’t suffer. The money used to support the royals and put on all the bread and circuses could help house, clothe, and feed the poor, care for the sick and elderly, properly educate the children, and many other worthwhile goals.

When they bury the Queen, they should bury the monarchy with her.