Kindness Journey – Day 127 – Intolerable cruelty

Kindness is in short supply in places like Texas and Florida. The republican governors of those two states have been forcibly transporting migrants from their states to places like California, Washington, D.C., and now Massachusetts. The governors of Texas and Florida are playing politics with people’s lives to make political points with their base voters.

The migrants who come to the US are seeking a better life; that is the story of this country from the beginning. Yet, the “christians” out there want to exploit the poor and helpless for political power.

For historical context about this behavior, read about the Holocaust, when people deemed “undesirable” or “outsiders” were rounded up and transported to the concentration camps. Never say that it can’t happen here. The people who believe their actions are justified by God are the most dangerous in the world.

The fact that stories like this fail to generate outrage shows how numb we have become to the plight of others. A society that is so self-centered and self-absorbed can not last for long because the suffering people will eventually rise and demand Justice. If they can’t get Justice, Revenge will be the next choice. The people who saw Injustice and failed to fight it won’t suffer any less than the guilty, but that is what they will deserve.

We are at a crossroads between continuing our noble democratic experiment and striving to improve it. Or we can throw up our hands, proclaiming that the problems are just too uncomfortable and expensive to repair and give in to Fascism. I don’t want to surrender to Fascism.